Episode 271: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings Videocast and PodCast for Week Ending June 17, 2018

Episode 271: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings Videocast and PodCast for week ending June 17, 2018 features an interview with Ken Sinclair (recently returned from Helsinki, Finland), who delivers an amazing account of the European thought process when it comes to our common denominators: buildings, occupants, and trends. Aaron Gorka travels to Minvalco, MN, where ANT Technologies trains on paperless solutions; Dwyer Instruments designs and manufacturers innovative controls, sensors, and instrumentation solutions; CUBE brings compelling efficiencies and cost savings to systems integrations contractors; and Honeywell sunsets their W7752G2000 fan controller.

Ken Sinclair, owner and editor of Automated Buildings ( proved his reputation as a building automation prophet and seer (proof paragraph from 1999 to follow) a long time ago. Our ControlTrend’s interview with Ken (recently returned from the Nordic Smart Building Convention) presents an informative update on the ways other parts of the world go about their business of making Property-Tech’s supreme variable — the occupant — happy and more productive. Plus, a quick review of Automated Buildings’ June edition.

Proof Paragraph: ” In 1999 we started, during the dot-com days, we wrote, we have selected this article to be in our first launch issue because we think it sends us all a wake-up call as to how significant the internet is going to be in the future. The concept of a large building as an internet identity with its own web address is now the latest step in presenting and managing your Automated Buildings.”

Dwyer Mission Statement: “To continuously improve our position as a Global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative Controls, Sensors and Instrumentation solutions.” We work tirelessly to get it right. That’s why Dwyer holds over 650 technical patents and that number grows every year. We are an enthusiastic group of people headquartered in Michigan City, Indiana with satellite locations around the globe. We take great pride in the intellect and integrity of our employees who are passionate about the work we do, the products we develop and the industries we serve.

Cube Technologies saving HVAC Contractors money

How Can Smart Building and HVAC Contractors be More Efficient and Save Money. As we begin our video tour of the 2018 RealComm|IBcon conference held last week in Las Vegas, we begin with a company we were not familiar with — Cube. In this video, Hector Hernandez, the CEO of Cube, tells us about his software and how it saves contractors major dollars by making sure all the data needed to run a successful smart building or HVAC contracting business is in one place and easy to access.

ControlTrends Young Gun, Aaron Gorka, Innovations Manager, ANT Technologies, providers of paperless, cloud-based, operational technology for HVAC & Control Contractors. Aaron (back from his honeymoon) conducted training at Minvalco, with John Hyden, and Archer Mechanical. Technicians love this paperless solutions that simplifies the business end-of-the-stick, and allows them to focus on maintenance. ANT Technologies solutions add more value!

Honeywell W7752G 2000 Fan Coil Unit to Be Discontinued. As Honeywell adds new and improved controllers to their product portfolio, they need to let older products go. So heads up: the W7752G 2000 Lonmark Fan Coil unit is being discontinued. If you need some of these reach out to your local Honeywell authorized distributor to buy any inventory they might have. A better option would be to have your local Honeywell distributor recommed a good replacement controller. Although, I found many of these on eBay, I would steer clear of that option ( no warranty, no tech support, and you have no idea were the controller has been). As my dad use to say, “trouble cost more than quality”.


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