ControlTalk NOW The Smart Buildings Podcast — Summer Hiatus

ControlTalk Now The Smart Buildings Podcast enjoys a summer hiatus — as Eric and family attend a wedding in Birmingham (Detroit) MI. ControlTrends still offers a great interview with Bueno Systems’ Leon Wurfel; an overview of ANT Technologies’ paperless solutions; JCI’s video “Tomorrow Needs You;” and Therese Sullivan’s insights into contextualization. Next week, ControlTalk NOW will be back on track — with two very special guests, along with Ken Sinclair’s August edition of AutomatedBuildings.Com, as well as the latest on our industry’s products, solutions, and most importantly, the men and women superstars of HVAC and Building Automation.

Using Data to Create Optimized Buildings: Catching up with Bueno Systems. I had a chance to catch up with Leon Wurfel managing director, Bueno Systems, at the 2017 RealComm/IBcon conference. Leon and his team are masters at gathering and using data to optimize smart buildings performance. In this video Leon shares his knowledge about smart building control and Bueno’s approach to making data actionable.

ANT Technologies — Manage Projects • Service Facilities • Tenant Energy Billing — Look Mom, No Paper. ANT Technologies — Paperless, cloud-based, operational technology for HVAC & Control Contractors. A Project Status Report you can trust! As an integrator or contractor, you’ve probably received unreliable progression reports on your company’s projects. Project Tracker™ eliminates the guess work and provides managers with real-time accurate data that ensures you make the best decisions possible.

Johnson Controls — Tomorrow Needs You. At Johnson Controls, we’re shaping the future to create a world that’s safe, comfortable and sustainable. Our global team creates innovative, integrated solutions to make cities more connected, buildings more intelligent and vehicles more efficient. We are passionate about improving the way the world lives, works and plays. The future requires bold ideas, an entrepreneurial mind-set and collaboration across boundaries.

Therese Sullivan: Back to the Future of Contextualization. Our ControlTalk NOW chief technologist from Silicon Valley, Therese Sullivan, owner and editor of, recently brought the ControlTrends Community on-line with the concept of contextualization. This is a re-posting of Therese’s December 2013, prescient article foreshadowing the driving forces and impact of contextualization. Last month I felt secure in describing Nest as a company comfortably traveling along in Apple’s orbit. I even linked to Matt Turck’s November TechCrunch article “Battle for the Connected Home”, wherein he suggests that Nest — a Lilliputian among Gullivers — needed to be acquired by Apple before it was crushed. Today we see that he was off by a few Silicon Valley miles. Why Google? Why now? Why $3.2B?


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