ControlTalk Now For The Week Ending August 25, 2013

dglux_building_automation_iconControlTalk NOW thanks this week’s sponsor: DG Logik. DGLux The Visualization Platform: DGLux is a “drag & drop” visualization platform that enables you to design real-time, data-driven applications and dashboards without ever writing a single line of code. DGBox is a low-cost end to end solution for creating and utilizing appliance applications. The solution consists of DGLux embedded into a commodity hardware box.

RedLinkHoneywell e-Learning LIVE: Join Honeywell’s WiFi Thermostat Training! Millions of homes today are equipped with Wi-Fi enabled devices, and while a consumer might not understand the technology, they certainly understand what it allows them to do on a daily basis. Learn about the features and benefits of Honeywell’s Wi-Fi thermostats.

Nest (Secretariat), Honeywell (Man o’ War), EnTouch (Citation) Viconics (Manuro), and ecobee (Northern Dancer) — And the Winner is? Now, after two quarters, five thermostat manufacturers are running one of the greatest product races of the last 50 years. At this point, they are almost running neck and neck, and strategic positioning in this third quarter will be critical for the final sprint to the finish line, and ultimately being voted as the 2013 ControlTrends’ Thermostat of the Year. Each contender must rally their communities for both nominations and votes!

BMW not Included: Flashy Welcome to Thermokon Thanos and Modern Living. Are you ready for some European marketing and elegant engineering? Introducing THERMOKON AMERICAS, a well-known multi-national company founded in 1987, that specializes in the manufacturing of traditional sensors, peripherals and controls for Building Controls and HVAC industries. Keep in touch with the future with Thermokon. Now available from authorized distributors.

Episode Three Mark’s Cool Tools: Shining a Light on Safety: Combo Flashlight and Taser. Mark presents another cool tool.

DOEAugust 22nd DOE’s Live Webinar on the Street and Parking Facility Lighting Retrofit Financial Analysis Tool: The webinar will show how property owners, utilities, energy-efficiency organizations, cities and other government entities can use the tool to compute annualized energy and energy-cost savings, maintenance savings, greenhouse gas reductions, net present value, and simple payback associated with potential lighting upgrades.

The Easy Way To Configure a PID Loop in a Honeywell HC900: Thanks to our super hero friend John Rowe, from AC Controls, for showing us the easy way to program a PID loop in an HC900 Controller.

Sky Foundry’s John Petze on ControlTalk 2.0: One of the best in the business discusses data analytics and where SkyFoundry can help users maximize the benefits of mining their data.

vykonJames Johnson Instructs VYKONPro Training — September 30th Class Almost Full! Act Now! Learn the most from the best. 2012 ControlTrends Most Valuable Support Award winner.

OpenEIOpen Energy Information (OpenEI): OpenEI provides a List of 525 Programmable Thermostats Incentives. OpenEI is a knowledge sharing online community dedicated to connecting people with the latest energy information and data. By providing access to energy-related information via geographic discovery, visualizations and apps, and topic-oriented gateways, OpenEI can help you find the answers you need to make better, more informed decisions.

Contemporary ControlsContemporary Controls BASremote Master Receives Tridium’s Sedona Framework Certification: George Thomas and Contemporary Controls keep raising “the one cable solution” bar.

Day One Honeywell EEO Training: A Word with Mark Jewell. One of the advantages of being a Honeywell Systems Distributor or Honeywell Systems Integrator is the ability to attend a Honeywell EEO ( Energy Efficiency Optimization) training course. One of the great parts of this course is spending a day being trained by Mark Jewell. So who is Mark Jewell?

Ken’s TOP 5 Information Pivot Points of Week 34: 1. Data Visualization: InfoSphere BigInsights combines the power of Hadoop with enterprise-grade features including visualization & exploration, advanced analytics, and security & administration. InfoSphere BigInsights Quick Start Edition, the latest edition to the InfoSphere BigInsights family, is a free, downloadable, non-production version. With InfoSphere BigInsights Quick Start, you get access to hands-on learning through a set of tutorials designed to guide you through your Hadoop experience.

Eric’s Favorite Video Of The Week:

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