ControlTalk Now For The Week Ending August 4, 2013

LynxspringControlTalk NOW thanks Lynxspring — this week’s Platinum sponsor! Founded in 2002, Lynxspring is changing way devices and systems communicate and collaborate across enterprises. Lynxspring’s technologies, solutions and services are enabling users to go further to manage and operate their facilities and equipment smarter, safer, more efficiently, and at peak performance levels. Lynxspring has changed the way control systems are built and distributed.

Tim’s How to Add a New Zone Tech Tip: Shows how using a Honeywell thermostat, actuator, damper — you can improve the comfort level to a zone within a large area. Stromquist’s Tech Master provides a straight forward technical demonstration that solves a frequently occuring HVAC problem.

Q & A: Honeywell Web Vision Controller. Q. Hello, I have a webvision Controller and can no longer log into my webvision controllers. Was the webvision controller hit with the same JAVA issue as the rest of the tridium line up? If so, what course of action can I take? If not, what is the recommended course of action? A. Yes unfortunately the Webvision and Webstat products are both affected by the wbApplet issue. The product managers are aware of the issue and are aware that people are waiting for a solution. The only work around right now is to use a previous version of JAVA such as JAVA 6 update 45 or JAVA 7 update 17.

Schneider Electric Introduces New Products at CGNA: I caught up with the folks from Schneider Electric and got a quick peak at some of their newer lighting control products. They also showed me their Cassia in room energy control line that is focused on the hotels. If you have used any of these products let the community hear about it in comments.

Cyber Security For Building Automation Control Systems: Great Podcast from Lynxspring. A discussion with Sam Heiney of Netop and Terry Swope of Lynxspring about the need for cyber security in building automation systems.

Belimo’s: The Easy Way to Replace Valve Actuators. Joe Cacare from Belimo stopped by the other day to show the team at Stromquist & Company the easy way to replace an actuator on a globe valve. Belimo’s universal linkage allows you to easily use a Quality Belimo actuator on just about anybodies globe valve. Check it out and let me know what you think in comments.

Get Trained on J2 Innovations Graphics Package: Stromquist & Company’s Rob Allen “hangsout” with J2 Innovations Scott Muench. They talk about the J2 Innovation training class that Stromquist & Company is hosting next week in Atlanta. Want to come to Atlanta and attend the class? Call Nancy or Rob at 800-241-9471 and find out how.

Lynxspring Live Podcast: The Destiny of Intelligent Buildings. In the latest Podcast, Marc Petock, Lynxspring’s Vice President, Marketing and Bruce Stimpson, Vice President, CIO at Lynxspring discuss Intelligent Buildings. They look at where Intelligent Buildings were, where they are today and where they are going.

Ken’s TOP 5 Information Pivot Points of Week 31: 1. The Energy Department will present a live webinar titled “The Buildings Performance Database: The Power of Data” on Tuesday, August 6, from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. The webinar will offer an overview of the Buildings Performance Database goals and design principles, a live demo of the database, information on how to contribute data, and a question and answer session. Pre-registration required.

ControlTalk NOW will continue to provide a weekly episode featuring the people, products, and the News of the Week shaping our world of controls, building automation, and the HVAC industry.

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  1. Good job guys. Your mixer setups is right on the money. Voice coming through clear. Eric on mixer setups once you have the perfect, mix then your done. You may want to make a note of the mixer settings and date. This will help you in the future. I will be doing live music streaming from my home studio. Thank you for the good control trends info.

  2. Sirs –
    I have presented this question to the Niagara coding gurus at Tridium, but to no available.
    What’s funny is that the Tridium guys are asking the coding community to list they works for sales –
    like custom JAR files. Ok I put them to the test.

    It there a super cool Bad-A## JAR file for chiller lead-lag. And I not talking just 2-CH lead-lag, I want
    full multiple chilers (6-8) with multiple pumps and to lead-lag on fault, maintenance switch, calendar or run-time. Why reinvent the wheel – someone must have built it. Is anybody offering the JAR for sale?

    Don C.

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