ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for Week Ending August 21, 2016

ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for Week Ending August 21, 2016 introduces the ControlTrends Community to the executive forces now driving Distech’s redoubled efforts to deliver maximum synergy and value within the building space. Gain some invaluable insight into the innovation at work inside Acuity Brands Inc. Scott Muench and J2 Innovations at Realcomm| IBcon; Updated Honeywell software and contractor releases; Lynxspring reveals their JENEsys® Edge™ 100 Controller; Intel’s influence on the Smart Building; NexDefense SANS Institute Fictional Cyber Attack; and BASSG — Getting Better all the Time!

J2 Innovations on using data to make buildings smarter.
J2 Innovations on using data to make buildings smarter.
The Easy Way to Move and Use Data in a Smart Building. Data, data everywhere! Big data is in vogue in the building automation and smart buildings controls industry, but like everything else that is new and exciting, there are lot’s of things that have to be dealt with once the initial buzz of excitement is replaced with “how the heck do we implement this?” For one thing, the cost… data might be free, but moving it around and using it can get expensive quickly.

Live Event11You Missed the VFD Training Live Stream… We will post a copy of class soon! Tim Chamblee conducted Variable Frequency Drive training and provided an in-depth explanation of the application benefits, the potential energy savings, and the importance of proper grounding and wiring methods — and then demonstrates of the standard VFD applications, and highlighted the tremendous energy savings opportunities — available using a VFDs. Look for many more live training events from the Stromquist & Company in the near future.

HW_HOMEHoneywell | Home 3rd Quarter 2016 Residential Partner Update. Please join us as we introduce Honeywell’s latest residential products designed to better serve your business. FROM THE HONEYWELL NEWSROOM: A recent study from Honeywell found that 9 in 10 Americans long for a connected device to automate and control features in their home when they’re out of town. In fact, more Americans (39%) worry about locking their doors than about packing essentials like toothbrushes, underwear or mobile phone chargers (36%), and one-third of Americans with a security system can’t even remember if they turned on the alarm before leaving.

maxproHoneywell Releases MAXPRO Driver for WEBs-AX Software. Availability of MAXPRO driver for WEBs-AX Software. Honeywell is pleased to announce the release of the MAXPRO driver for WEBs-AX Controllers and WEBs-AX Supervisors which is based on the Niagara AX framework. The MAXPRO driver has been tested and qualified on WEBs-AX 3.6.407.2, WEBs-AX, WEBs-AX, WEBs-AX 3.8.111 and on the latest MAXPRO NVR software version (v.3.5.0 build 81).

JENE_EDGE100Lynxspring Announces Immediate Availability of the JENEsys® Edge™ 100 Controller. New Controller Delivers the Niagara Framework® to the Edge! Dear Lynxspring Business Partner: We are pleased to announce the release and availability of our new JENEsys® Edge™ 100 Controller (JENE-EG100). Purpose-built, this Niagara-based controller is the first of its kind. Delivering the Reliability of Niagara to the Edge! JENEsys® Edge™ products are a new generation of controllers combining the Niagara Framework® with Lynxspring’s Onyxx® platform.

DanDistech Announces New VP of Global Sales. Controls people never die they just change companies… This just in from Martin Villeneuve, President, Distech Controls: Acuity Brands continues to position itself as the global market leader to deliver high-performance and innovative solutions to our customers. Acuity Brands is committed to building an infrastructure designed to extend our leadership positon; intensifying our efforts around our tiered solutions strategy is an essential component to accomplish our breakthrough objectives. To successfully execute our strategy, I am pleased to announce Dan Flaherty as the new VP of Sales for Distech Controls reporting to me. Dan has over 20 years of experience leading sales and marketing organizations that go to market through distribution, contractor, and agent channels in the HVAC, Security, and Fire Suppression industries.

ACUITY_BRANDSControlTalk NOW interview with Martin Villeneuve, President at Distech Controls, Dan Flaherty, Distech’s VP Global Sales, and Eugene Mazo, Eugene Mazo, VP — IoT, Customer Experience. While Acuity is deciphering and translating all the possible value synergies it now has available, these three top industry experts will help to set new standards in the HVAC, BAS, and a host of other emerging markets. Each of these executives is a formidable expert in their fields and with their combined talents, they are confident that they will deliver the next generation of innovation and technology — because they have the talent, engineering, and the resources needed — to get it done. Don’t miss this great video interview!

intelHow Intel is Influencing the way we do Smart Buildings. If you want to see how you might be doing smart buildings in the future, look at what Intel is doing using IOT strategies now…. once Pandora’s box is open… As human beings we like consistency …..”if it’s not broke ” …. and other adages that pass as wisdom, influence us whether we like it or not. This kind of thinking will get you killed in today’s smart buildings controls market. We have been doing building automation controls since the death of pneumatic controls. We know what works — and we don’t mess around with what works… because it works!

Cyber attackNexDefense SANS Institute – Fictional Cyber Attack. CAUTION: Regardless of your position in the world, this video should almost ruin your day, and linger long enough to bother you… for at least a week… but, will it motivate you to allocate the resources and processes your organization’s needs to deal with this kind of cyber incident? Therein lies the cyber security rub. This NexDefense SANS Institute module provides a demonstration of a fictional cyber attack against a control system reliant infrastructure. It is a learning tool for educational purposes and designed to help organizations better understand and develop exercise scenarios. While the module was played during a large industry exercise, it was utilized to provide cybersecurity training awareness for the participants.

PM1BASSG — Getting Better all the Time! We saw the original “Young Gun”, Alper Üzmezler, managing partner and chief innovator at BASSG Graphics, showed us his new Edge controller at the 2016 Niagara Summit Product showcase. Alper, never one to sit still, has made some improvements since New Orleans. His Edge controller packs a powerful punch. Among other things it includes: Visualytik (HTML5 drag and drop visualization engine with block programming), EAC Engine (Optimization engine in which it will consume live, historical and analytics data and write to real-time controls), Analytics Engine, and a Sedona Realtime control engine.


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