CTN #427: Marc Petock on AI and the Role of Systems Integrators in Building Automation Controls

Dive into an engaging conversation on the latest trends and innovations shaping the building controls and construction industry. I am excited to welcome Mark Petock, a leading voice in the industry.

Marc and I “chop it up” and get in the weeds as we discuss the latest trends in building automation controls, including the roles  AI and systems integrators will play in the future of smart buildings and building automation controls. Good stuff!

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ABB: Pioneering the Building Controls Space

ABB’s diverse product portfolio is a testament to the future of BAS systems. With a significant emphasis on AI-driven products and variable frequency drives, ABB stands at the forefront of the smart building controls revolution. 🤖

Building Automation Controls: The Future of BAS Systems and Smart Building Controls

ICT Solutions: The Unsung Hero of System Integration

 If you’re in the construction and automation field, you’re probably familiar with the challenges of job execution, troubleshooting, and system design. But did you know that ICT Solutions is making waves in aiding system integrators with their robust team for a variety of engineering tasks? This is vital for ensuring seamless integration of building automation controls. 🏢

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Trends Marc is Seeing:

A Changing Landscape: From Construction to Distribution

Marc explains that some areas are seeing a slow down in new construction, effecting building automation controls,  but he is seeing a significant rise in the retail and industrial distribution sectors. 🌞🏭

The Advent of IP Controls

The realm of building automation is evolving, with IP controls leading the charge. Offering a multitude of advantages such as ease of network integration, enhanced cybersecurity, IoT compatibility, and optimal bandwidth utilization, IP controls are becoming the cornerstone of modern BAS systems. 🌐

Safety First: Cybersecurity and IP Controls

With growing reliance on digital systems, cybersecurity in building automation controls has never been more paramount. Marc is  observing an increasing emphasis on considering cybersecurity aspects right from the initial project discussions. 🛡️

“The Edge” in Building Automation

One term I believe everyone should be familiar with is “the edge.” It revolves around the concept of collecting and processing data at the device level in building automation controls. Especially in today’s hybrid working models, real-time automation is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. 🏙️

Consulting Engineers: Bridging the Gap

Building owners and investors are demanding more – from real-time data insights to sustainability. And guess who’s helping bridge this gap? Consulting engineers! They’re shifting their expertise towards understanding and implementing cutting-edge BAS systems and smart building controls. 🤝

The Power of Data Analytics and Haystack Tagging

In our quest for smarter buildings, data analytics and tagging (like Haystack tagging) are proving indispensable. They help gather data in a cost effective manner, that can be used to demonstrate a building’s environmental responsibility but also ensure compliance with local laws and regulations. Plus, they’re pivotal in attracting the next generation of tech-savvy occupants. 📊

The Road Ahead: System Integrators and Future Tech

Lastly, as we look to the horizon, it’s evident that system integrators must focus on emerging technologies like AI, EV charging stations, and fortifying cybersecurity measures. Such adaptations ensure that our BAS systems remain efficient, resilient, and ahead of the curve. 🤖🔌

A Look at Lynxspring’s Building Automation Controls

Marc talks about Lynxspring  and what makes their products and company different. For a deeper look at Lynxspring’s Building Automation Controls read my review here.

In conclusion, the future of building automation controls, BAS systems, and smart building controls is bright and brimming with potential. Thanks so much to Marc for sharing his knowledge. It’s an exciting time to be part of this ever-evolving industry!

Stay tuned for more insights, and as always, keep innovating!



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  1. This article is a fascinating glimpse into the evolving landscape of building automation controls, and Marc’s insights shed light on some crucial trends that are shaping the industry.

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