Episode 281: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings Videocast and PodCast for Week Ending September 2, 2018

Episode 281: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings Videocast and PodCast for week ending September 2, 2018 is a truncated version of CTN from Eric’s hotel room in Rome, Italy, where we are joined periodically by his daughter, Evelyn Grace. Check out J2 Innovations’ Building Technologies Innovation Recap; Blue Ridge Technologies takes you from broken to BACnet in 4 hours; Belimo 5-Step HVAC Retrofit Webinar; BASSG’s new Niagara-Intesisbox Gateway; Optergy’s Proton 2.0.6a update is now available; and Ken Sinclair’s September edition of Automated Buildings is a must read.

J2 Innovations — Building Technologies Innovation Open Finalist — Check out the 2018 Recap. This week, we were honored to present and compete at Building Technologies Innovation Open 2018 as one of their finalist teams. The BT Innovation Open is an event organized by Siemens and designed to foster innovation for their building technology division.

Blue Ridge Technologies Solutions — Shows You how to go from Broken to BACnet in 4 Hours. Blue Ridge Technologies manufactures proven energy management solutions with a focus on Unified Lighting Control. Our solutions complete the Building Automation System. The Blue Ridge approach ensures our solutions are delivered, not merely sold, while our Wide-Open design offers unparalleled versatility.

Belimo Webinar – 5 Steps to HVAC Retrofitting. 5 Steps to HVAC Retrofitting: Many commercial, health-care, and school buildings experience inefficient HVAC system performance. Problems can include complaints concerning occupant comfort, increasing operation costs, and system maintenance issues. Frequently the culprit is either non-functioning or underperforming damper actuators or control valves.

BASSG’s Announces New Tridium Niagara – Intesisbox Integration Gateway for VRF and Ductless Split Systems. BASSG Announcement: Tridium Niagara Framework driver released for the integration of over 30 brands of Ductless Split and VRF HVAC systems using the IntesisBox WIFI gateway. Alper Uzmeler of BASSG in Austin, TX has successfully implemented the driver required to facilitate the connectivity to the IntesisBox.

Optergy Announcement: Proton 2.0.6a is Now Available! Optergy is pleased to announce the latest Proton update which includes new features, improvements, and fixes. Click here to view release notes. Proton is an innovative software based building controller that combines energy and building management features, uses an intuitive web interface, and can connect to a companion IOS or Android application suitable for use with mobile devices. This economical software manages up to 100 BACnet , Modbus devices or Meters , and has built-in database, programming & tools.

Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings’ September, 2018 Issue, “Building Better Bots Mindful and Open.” Self-learning Machine Vision Rising to Best of Edge Bot Breed! In his September edition of Automated Buildings, Ken Sinclair concludes that “the most important component of the open movement is opening our minds while growing younger.” Ken also cites Self-learning Machine Vision as the newest and most cost-effective Edge Bot Capability yet. Read more!


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