ControlTalk NOW for the Week Ending October 26, 2014

BelimoBelimo is ControlTalk NOW’s sponsor for the Week Ending October 26, 2014. Belimo products help create comfort, safety, and efficiency in buildings. Belimo customer satisfaction and loyalty have made Belimo a leader in HVAC throughout the world. Visit Belimo Projects to view an overview sampling of recent installation with energy savings.

KMC2ControlTrends People: KMC Controls’ Erich Kreuter: I had a chance to sit down and talk to Erich Keuter, from KMC Controls. Eric is the grandson of Ken Kreuter, the founder of Kreuter Controls which is now KMC Controls. Hear what Erich had to say about the company philosophy that makes KMC Controls different from most controls companies, as well as, what makes Simply VAV such a special VAV controls solution. Click here for a specification sheet on this easy to use VAV controller.

CS_GCV2-700x400GC Valves TECH TIP: Sensible Precautions for Solenoid Valve Users (Part 2 of 2): ELECTRICAL & CONTROL DESIGN STRATEGIES: Solenoid valves can be economical solutions to flow control requirements. GC Valves are easy to maintain. But any electro-mechanical device has limitations. Here are a few choices that might add to your comfort level when applying solenoid valves: 1 — specify DIN coils and connectors to simplify assembly and reduce installation time.

RickWarner ControlTalk NOW welcomes the return appearance of the INNOVATOR, Mr. Rick Warner, from OME Facility Solutions, who talks about his favorite solutions and his recent visit to SUNY’s University of Buffalo. OME is a market leader in providing industry and user specific solutions which enable not only an analysis of efficiency, usage and management of facility technologies, but also a means of control of those same building and facility controls. OME also provides strategic services for facility automation and monitoring, and specializes in innovative design, engineering and deployment of enterprise-level systems. OME’s progressive solutions go well beyond standard data integration, providing a measured return on investment.

JCIControlTrends Training: Understanding Pressure Controls Pt.1: Thanks to Mike Glenn, from Johnson Controls, for these great training videos on understanding pressure controls fundamentals. Stay tuned to ControlTrends for more HVAC and Building Automation Controls training videos. The P70, P72, and P170 controls for low pressure applications are designed primarily for low pressure cut-out control, pump-down control, and capacity control on commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

iobacnetUsing Contemporary Controls’ Cube I/O With Honeywell Spyders: Thanks to our friends at Contemporary Controls for this great way to make the Honeywell Spyder even more powerful. Honeywell Spyder VAV and unitary controllers are available with either a LON or BACnet interface. These controllers typically have 21 physical points but this point count can be expanded on the BACnet versions by adding BACnet Cube I/O modules instead of adding another Spyder. Cube I/O modules are low-cost, low-density DIN-rail modules with a variety of I/O point configurations.

BelimoBetter Valve Design Equals Better Coil Performance: Are you better off with a flow dependent or pressure dependent control valve? Watch this video, from the team at Belimo, and you will know how selecting the right type of control valve can improve coil performance, tenant comfort, and save energy all at the same time. The Energy Valve has the Belimo Delta T Manager™ built-in that helps operators analyze and fine tune performance under any and all conditions.

coretech2014_2CoRE Tech 2014 – The Number One Program on Corporate Real Estate Innovation in the World! A message from Jim Young, Co-Founder and CEO CoRE Tech: There are many moving parts in managing the real estate assets of a corporation; hundreds of processes, a great amount of data and many analog tools. Because of this, innovation, technology and automation will continue to significantly impact how we use and operate corporate facilities. CoRE Tech 2014 will be at the epicenter of the Corporate Real Estate and Facility transformation.

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