ControlTalk Now For The Week Ending October 6, 2013

ControlTrends thanks this week’s sponsor Johnson Controls and Chris Eichmann. Johnson Controls delivers products, services and solutions that increase energy efficiency and lower operating costs in buildings for more than one million customers. Johnson Controls has been involved in more than 500 renewable energy projects including solar, wind and geothermal technologies, and Johnson Controls solutions have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 15 million metric tons and generated savings of $7.5 billion since 2000. Many of the world’s largest companies rely on us to manage 1.8 billion square feet of their corporate real estate.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month: Provided by Marc Petock, Vice President, Marketing, Lynxspring Inc. This year’s theme is “Our Shared Responsibility,” which all of us in the building and energy management industry –whether you are a technology provider, a system integrator, service provider, IT professional, building owner, in facility management, cyber related issues play an increasing threat within our building and energy management networks.

Message from Honeywell’s Tom RosbackNew BSC GM Announced: Larry Weber has accepted the position of General Manager of Building Control Systems (BCS) effective October 14, 2013. Larry has been with Honeywell for 19 years primarily in Environmental and Combustion Controls in roles of increasing responsibility in Technical Support, Product Marketing, Channel Management, and Strategic Marketing. Most recently, Larry was the Global Strategic Marketing Director for Transportation in Sensing and Controls (S&C). Additionally, Larry has held two roles in China in which he was the Buildings Control Systems business leader (2005-2009) and Strategic Marketing Director (2012).He holds a MBA from Rutgers University and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Minnesota.

ControlTalk NOW first guest: Honeywell’s Amy Anderson tells about Honeywell Momentum On Tour, Keeping our Partners in Motion, Honeywell’s new product release concept to physically bring their new products to their partners, with the hands-on technical and application support.

Project Haystack Joins 2013 ControlTrends Awards Sponsors! The ControlTrends Awards Committee extends its sincere appreciation and thanks to its newest sponsor — Project Haystack! There is a lot going on at Project Haystack – Here’s your opportunity to get involved on the ground floor. Haystack Webinar Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 – Call for Speakers! As part of our ongoing effort to promote Haystack a number of supporters are coming together to produce our first webinar.

Tim Chamblee Unboxes the Honeywell RedLink Thermostat System: The Honeywell RedLink is much more than a thermostat. Stromquist & Company’s Tim Chamblee shows you all your options from a thermostat on;y configuration to a full blown Redlink system that includes wireless sensors and dehumidification control.

WattStopper’s LC8 Modular Contractor Panel: WattStopper’s Pete Baselici is a bonafide industry expert with a passion for selling WattStopper‘s amazing portfolio of lighting and energy savings products for the simple time-based lighting solutions, Demand Lighting Management, or total systems integration at the Niagara Work Bench level.

Honeywell WEB-300E Controller Now Available: Honeywell is pleased to announce the availability of the WEB-300E controller, which will replace existing WEB-201 controllers over the next six months. The WEB-300E network controller is an upgrade and replacement to the existing WEB-201controller. Some of the enhancements include a built-in Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) module that ensures that the station’s data is saved upon loss of power, ability to use without a battery due to the Data Recovery Service (DRS), and the ability to operate at a higher ambient temperature. This controller is supported with WEBs-AX™ 3.7.u1or later software.

The New Niagara Central is Coming! New site to launch on October 13, 2013: We are excited to announce the new Niagara Central will launch on October 13! We have completely redesigned the site and focused on improving functionality to make it simpler and more intuitive to use. With the new site’s simplified navigation and improved functionality, your user experience will be much more efficient. What processes are changing: •Ordering •Licensing •Returns •Product catalog management •Organization management.

Mark’s Cool Tools: Who Makes the Brightest and Most Flexible FlashLight For HVAC Control Pros? Mark’s current flashlight of choice for the discerning HVAC controls pros is the Terralux TT-5 Tactical Flashlight. Check this video of Mark’s Cool tools out to see what the Terralux TT-5 so special.

OpenADR Connections Update from Portland!The technical committee had a fruitful three-hour face-to-face session at the Member Meeting in Portland last week. The team started new discussions around OpenADR 2.0 deployment architectures and the support for specific Demand Response (DR) Programs. In order to facilitate these discussions further, a new working group was created. This newly formed Implementation Working Group will create use cases for DR programs with OpenADR 2.0, hence making implementation easier for program operators and system vendors alike.

ControlTalk NOW’s Second Guest: Mark Jewell Continues Conveying Your Value Proposition from Chicago. Nobody does it better — with Honeywell’s EEO Training 6-Day Boot Camp from Chicago, IL next week, and Charlotte, NC next week.

ABCS Preview: Rick Van Buren and Chris Lane preview the 2013 ABCS “Building Championship Teams” meeting. The JCI Adventure begins.

Ken’s TOP 5 Information Pivot Points of Week 40: 1. Cyber Security Assessment: How well prepared are you for the next attack? Trend Micro will assess your security posture with 25 simple questions. 2. IDG CONNECT: Was Steve Jobs’ Leadership Really So Inspirational? This Saturday is two years since the death of Steve Jobs. Yet despite much concern in 2011 for the fortunes of Apple, in 2013 the company has seen sales of the iPhone 5S and 5C actually beat previous launches of new phones. Did Jobs define inspirational leadership and how does this legacy live on? 3. CORETECH 2013: Corporate RE & Facility Executives Meeting at Microsoft to Discuss the Future of the Industry. Message from Microsoft’s Darrel Smith: “My name is Darrell Smith and I am the Director of Facilities and Energy for Microsoft. I want to personally invite you to an event I am involved with called CoRE Tech, which we will be hosting here on the Microsoft campus next month. I will be joined by other corporate real estate, facilities, energy, sustainability and IT executives who are at the epicenter of the buildings and facilities market transformation.”

J2 Innovations Presents NEW FIN in 2 Minutes Video: J2Innovations’ new and improved FIN In 2 Minutes video features a fresh new UI, best practices using models from your library for a quick and easy set up, and the concept of engineering mobile-friendly FIN pages that work great across all client devices . We took the total time to create the project (25 minutes) down to just 2 minutes for a quicker look at the powerful capabilities of FIN. We added a new ending to the video to show the completed FIN project as it would be experienced in a desktop browser, on a tablet, and on a smart phone using FIN Mobile app (for both an iOS & Android). Check out the latest FIN In 2 Minutes and get yourself started with FIN Builder today!

Special thanks to this week’s production editor Dave Smyers and Cinematographer Rob Allen.

ControlTalk NOW will continue to provide a weekly episode featuring the people, products, and the News of the Week shaping our world of controls, building automation, and the HVAC industry.

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