ControlTalk Now — Smart Buildings VideoCast and Podcast for Week Ending October 18, 2015

ControlTalk Now — Smart Buildings VideoCast and Podcast for week ending October 18, 2015 features Rob Allen of 7 Minutes in Control and his coverage of the 2015 KMC Controls Event with interviews with Richard Newberry and Mitch Kehler. Rob continues his coverage of Honeywell’s Momentum 2015 with Noesis’ VP of Sales, Justin Putnam. As always, ControlTrends is delighted to provide more international news and coverage with interviews by India’s Vinayak Sane, and Mexico City’s Alfredo Melnik and Carlos Roman.

RicWill The KMC Commander be the Smart Buildings Controls Game Changer? Will the KMC Commander be a Smart Buildings Controls Game Changer? To find out the answer to this question, our Rob Allen, chats with KMC’s Richard Newberry at the KMC Controls 2015 Business Conference. Richard is the Chairman and advisor to the KMC Board of Directors. Listening to Richard speak, it is no wonder KMC Controls is known for their innovative Building Automation and Smart Buildings Controls. Every great company has a great mission. Ricard explains that KMC’s mission is to “provide innovative, intuitive building automation and Smart Buildings Controls solutions from responsive and supportive people.”

MitchKMC’s Mitch Kehler, Director of Sales, Connects with Rob Allen. KMC Controls is leading the way with new technology! Mitch Kehler, Director of Sales, summarizes some of the exciting new features of KMC’s recently deployed KMC Connect, a time-saving, menu-driven configuration utility and KMC Connect Lite, a revolutionary mobile application, both of which were designed to save contractors significant amounts of time and money — on every project installation utilizing Near Field Communication (NFC).

NEOSISHoneywell Momentum 2015: Rob Allen Live with Noesis’ VP of Sales, Jason Putnam. Jason Putnam discusses with Rob Allen what Noesis can do for distributors, contractors, and OEMs that need help in getting deals done faster with greater levels of success. It’s not always about savings and ROI; often, the decision-makers need clear insight into the impact the deal will have in regards to their cash flow. Noesis offers software tools, unique financing products, and top-notch technical and service support to help their partners close one deal and move onto another. Noesis is teaming up Mark Jewell of Selling Energy, and Honeywell’s Energy and Environmental Optimization Program to take success to the next level.

VinaackSmart Building Controls Revolution in India. The Smart Buildings Revolution is taking place in India, as the country gears up and invests in Smart Buildings and Smart Cities. Who better than India’s own, Vinayak Sane, from SI Consultech in Mumbai, to discuss this phenomena. We spent time with Vinayak at the EASY IO Global Conference, where Vinayak and Building Automation and Smart Buildings Controls integrators from around the world gathered to discuss the Smart Buildings Controls Renaissance and the latest control trends. Vinayak gives us his thoughts on Smart Buildings and Building Automation Controls. He interviews and introduces us to several of his colleagues, including a familiar face from America. Great work Vinayak.


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