Episode 286: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings Videocast and PodCast for Week Ending October 7, 2018

Episode 286: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings Videocast and PodCast for week ending October 7, 2018 features our interview with Dan Preston, Director, Independent Distribution Channel, North America, who brings us on-line with all “systems go” at Johnson Controls. Automated Buildings’ Ken Sinclair’s releases his October edition; Your 2018 ControlTrends Awards Nomination Ballot is ready; The New Dialogue in Smart Buildings from Mark Petock;October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month; Learn How to do KMC Connect Customs Applications; and Vykon Integrated Analytics, Enterprise Security Updates, and More — are here!

2018 ControlTrends Awards Nomination Ballot. It is time to nominate your favorite people, products, solutions and companies, for the 2018 ControlTrends Awards. The top 5 to 6 in each category will move on to the ControlTrends Awards finals. If you don’t already see your nominee on the ballot, or don’t already see a nominee in a category, please use the other option, and write in your choice, we will then add them on to the ballot. Make sure not to check the option 1 box — if you are the first to write in a candidate, as this will result in an error code saying “too many choices.” Just un-click the Option one box, and your ballot will work.

ControlTalk NOW interview with Johnson Controls‘ Dan Preston, Director, Independent Distribution Channel, North America, who brings the ControlTrends Community up-to-speed with the JCI Roadshows (already underway); JCI’s two most recent acquisitions: Triatek and Lux Products Corporation; Verasys: JCI’s red hot product line for the Light Commercial Building Space; and JCI’s portfolio of FX IP Controllers.

Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings’ October, 2018 Issue, Features a uniquely “Edge-You-Cation” Editorial. Ken Sinclair’s October edition of, is nothing short of punderful. Ken’s deliberate play on words delivers yet another deep deliberation on humanized interactions, integrated and deployed with the hatching technologies — and how they are soon to reside within the smart and holistic building space, with its occupants and AI-enabled edge devices.

The New Dialogue in Smart Buildings, Marc Petock, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Lynxspring. Published in Linkedin on September 27, 2018. Commercial real estate operators and building owners are adapting to the change in building automation technology that is occurring in the industry. Innovation has reshaped how we manage, operate and interact with our buildings and facilities. Connected systems, data and analytics is broadening our conversation in the world of smart buildings — engaging not only facility operators in the discussion, but the C-Suite as well.

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM). NCSAM is a collaborative effort between DHS and its public and private partners—including the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA)—to raise awareness about the vital role cybersecurity plays in the lives of U.S. citizens. NCCIC will be participating in NCSAM through weekly posts in the Current Activity section of the NCCIC website.

Learn How to do KMC Connect Custom Applications. In this webinar, Building Genius, Tom Joslin, shows us Custom Applications in KMC Connect. KMC Connect™ Operator Workstation is a configuration software tool with which you can configure KMC BACnet controllers for a building automation system. Key time-saving features of KMC Connect include: Build jobs offline and then deploy them on-site with a single click. Use the wizards to quickly and easily configure alarms, schedules, and trends on native BACnet devices. Choose from a library of hundreds of HVAC applications, with pre-configured setups for KMC controllers and accompanying documentation.

VYKON Integrated Analytics, Enterprise Security Updates & More are Here! VYKON Integrated Analytics 2.1 brings the ability to create and run energy reports to the end user. The seven new energy report templates available with this release are configurable from the web UI and can be saved for future use. New HTML5 Analytic Web Chart and Analytic Web Table widgets that improve visualization capabilities are available with this release. Analytic Web Chart and Analytic Web Table are configurable from the browser view. The Analytic Web Table supports multiple analytic bindings.


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