NASCAR and HP Deliver Big Fan Results from Big Data

On the last ControlTalk NOW, we mentioned NASCAR’s Fan & Media Engagement Center (FMEC) and taking big data to the highest actionable level. The following video and information is provided courtesy of NASCAR’s Chief Marketing Officer, Steve Phelps: Innovative technology transforms relationships with fans and partners.

CNBC’s “Squawk Box” welcomed Steve Phelps, NASCAR’s Chief Marketing Officer, on Monday as Official Technology Partner HP launches new advertising featuring the sport. HP’s “Build a better enterprise. Together” marketing campaign features Phelps and the NASCAR Fan & Media Engagement Center (FMEC) in a fast-paced, 30-second TV spot, which will air on national news networks including CNBC, CNN and FOX News. Print outlets, such as Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, The Economist, and Wired, will be included in the campaign.

In the latest example of the convergence of Big Data and marketing, HP brings to life how it helps NASCAR make sense of the noise — juxtaposing the chaos of a NASCAR race with the order and precision the FMEC provides. The spot showcases how technology turns millions of tweets, posts and stories into business-impacting analytics. “Big Data for us really means tweets from our fans, posts from our fans – so millions of tweets and posts – as well as what’s being written in the traditional media so print, digital, broadcast,” Phelps said. Takes all that Big Data and pushes it down into something that’s actionable in real time for us.


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