Episode 246: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings PodCast for Week Ending November 19, 2017

Episode 246: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings PodCast for week ending November 19, 2017 features interviews with two of the industry’s most prominent thought leaders,’s editor, Therese Sullivan, provides CoreTech coverage and Co-Founder and Partner, John Petze discusses SkyFoundry’s 13 Billion Sq Ft worth of success and the roadmap ahead. Special shout out to Samuel Elkins, Portrait & Commercial Photographer extraordinaire, based in Salt Lake City, UT. More news: Good luck to Phil Zito, who is running full-time with Building Automation Monthly; Project Haystack’s latest update; Belimo releases 6-way electronic pressure independent valve with NFC; Homeland Security Advisory: HIDDEN COBRA; Contemporary Controls announces pre-built CVTRU application now available; and Johnson Controls introduces their VP140 PICV valve series.

ControlTalk NOW first guest interview with Therese Sullivan, Principal, Therese does a fabulous job updating the ControlTrends Community on CORE TECH 2017 and what’s new from Silicon Valley. Iot and OT on big campuses have bright futures ahead, drone cleaning crews keep your skyscrapers clean 24/7, UBER says buku city garage space available for re-purposing, Building Therapeutic Center to be the Largest Net Zero project to date, and much more. Visit Therese at BuildingContext.

The Easy Way to Make The Internet of Things Device Data Just Work! Data, Data everywhere! As the smart building controls world explodes, and systems become more robust, they consume and need a new type of fuel, DATA! But how do you make this data usable? It is kind of like the problem the United Nations had when they designed the UN. You have all these different participants coming together to work, but they all speak different languages. Nothing gets done until they can understand each other. Without some sort of translator nothing happens. Sign up for Memoori’s Making Internet of Things Device Data Just Work! A Q&A Webinar with Project Haystack.

Belimo Releases the new 6-way Electronic Pressure Independent Valve (ePIV) with Near Field Communication (NFC). Now available! Belimo‘s non-spring return 6-way electronic pressure independent valve (ePIV) assemblies with Near Field Communication (NFC) and an ultrasonic flow meter. The ½” offers flow setting to 5.5 GPM and the ¾” with flow setting to 10.3 GPM ideal for ideal for chilled beams and radiant ceilings. The compact valve has the functionality of four 2-way control valves saving space, material and installation time.

Homeland Security Advisory TA17-318B: HIDDEN COBRA – North Korean Trojan: Volgmer. Overview: This joint Technical Alert (TA) is the result of analytic efforts between the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Working with U.S. government partners, DHS and FBI identified Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and other indicators of compromise (IOCs) associated with a Trojan malware variant used by the North Korean government—commonly known as Volgmer. The U.S. Government refers to malicious cyber activity by the North Korean government as HIDDEN COBRA. For more information on HIDDEN COBRA activity, visit

Contemporary Controls Announcement Pre-Built Constant Volume RTU Applications Now Available. re-Built applications make it easy to utilize a Contemporary Controls‘ BASC22 BACnet/IP Sedona Unitary controller in constant volume air-handling (AHU) or constant volume rooftop unit (RTU) applications. Although the BASC22 is a 22-point freely-programmable controller using Sedona as the control language, it can be made into a configurable controller by installing one of five versions (CvRTUv1-CvRTUv5) of constant volume AHU/RTU applications into the controller from the CvRTU Application Series.

ControlTalk NOW second guest interview is with SkyFoundry’s Co-Founder and Partner, John Petze. John spells it out — move forward with basic evaluations that are scalable, whether it’s at the edge on a cluster of field buses serving locally, or in the cloud on a huge Amazon server, make your decisions and base your workloads — using proven tools and accurate information. SkyFoundry’s SkySpark deployments have achieved an incredible milestone of ONE BILLION Square Feet worldwide with their Partner Channel, which consists of a network of over 125 authorized systems integrators, specialty engineering firms and OEMs, that implement SkySpark for end users. Read more.


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