Yardi Matrix – 2016 Review and 2017 Forecast – Webinar Thursday, Nov 10, 2016 10:00AM PDT – 11:00AM PDT

yardi2Please join us: Thursday, November 10, 2016. 10:00AM PDT – 11:00AM PDT

Professional investors are worried. 2016 has done little to allay the fear that the investment cycle has hit a slowdown, and questions have emerged. Is this the end of a successful long run and will those still in the market be left holding assets with diminishing values? What will the coming year look like and how do you best position your investment profile and strategy for the next 18 months? As we cautiously approach 2017 there are still a lot of reasons for optimism. Find answers and discuss other important considerations on our next Yardi Matrix presentation, the Yardi® Matrix 2016 Mid-Year Update and Forecast Webinar. Register NOW!

yardi1Featuring industry experts Jeff Adler, Vice President of Yardi Matrix, and Jack Kern, Director of Institutional Research, join us as they review 2016 and share thoughts on the 2017 forecast for the upcoming year. Some of what you’ll learn during the program:

* U.S. and global macroeconomic forecast: The real argument.
* Capital markets conditions and GSE outlook: Time will tell and so will we.
* Leading demographic trends facing the apartment industry: Why it looks more positive.
* Unit supply trends and implications for new investment: Where you can put your dollars to work today and how timing will affect you.
* Sophisticated selection criteria for U.S. metropolitan areas: Which ones offer opportunities today and how will they weather the next downturn?
* Analytics for submarkets within targeted U.S. metro areas: Are all neighborhoods created equal? How do you find the best ones?
* Identifying and pre-underwriting specific assets for value-added redevelopment and new development: How do you find the specific assets that promise the highest returns?
* Continuing their tradition, Jeff and Jack will cover the big questions, argue their viewpoints, and you will get the truth on what you really need to know to be better prepared to go into 2017 confident and informed.


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