Ken Sinclair’s April 2016 Automated Buildings Theme is “IoT Disruption Transforms and Opens Industry”

Ken_Sinclair_Photo In his April 2016 Automated Buildings edition, Ken Sinclair, AB owner and editor, references the steady march of technical advances that have impacted our industry over the past 40 years to highlight his April theme “IoT Disruption Transforms and Opens Industry,” emphasizing that we must stay actively involved in the IT technologies because the next leg of the journey has just begun. Ken Sinclair: “Transforming and Opening the Industry is a journey, not a destination, and will require consistent and constant attention. Our contributing editor Therese has described our April issue as something about open source being a friction-reducer mixed into the IoT/Smart Building super collider,……very descriptive for sure.

Especially the IoT/Smart Building super collider. This is so much like the DDC revolution in the 1980s, Opening to BACnet movement in 1990s, going online with Open Internet in the 2000s, sticking our heads in the clouds in 2010s. Now the data is moving to the edge coupled with open source cloud thinking which is Transforming and Opening our Industry.”

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