Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings’ June, 2019 Editorial Theme: “You Do Not Know What You Do Not Know” (Yet)

I couldn’t help myself from adding the “Yet” to the end of Ken Sinclair’s June Automated Buildings editorial title, “You do not Know What you do not Know.” This devilish tendency has plagued me all of my life, but I wanted to show that I was enlightened by the editorial, and I knew more of what I didn’t know then ever before. 🙂  

Recently returned from the 2019 Haystack Connect, Ken Sinclair shares more insight into our digital journey, a journey with transformational potential… “in the time-warped age of information that we now live in, when a new URL or a new APP, or You Tube can create a new direction with new prospects, while teaching us something we do not know. ” Click here for more.

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