Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings November Release: “Our Connection Collection”

Ken Featured The ever eloquent Ken Sinclair, owner and editor of, considers the important role we play in bringing meaningful connections to buildings and our industry: “Not sure that any of us could have projected the amount of things our buildings would be connected to and interact with. Today our understanding of the possible of connection is much of the value we provide. As an industry we need to start collecting, quantifying and qualifying all of the possible connections to our buildings. Our November issue provides a start but I would like all our readers to join in helping us build ‘Our Connection Collection.’ ”

New from “ is trying to provide a starting point for us all to better understand the possible of connection. In addition to using our web site we are weaving information in and out of social media using our and other’s LinkedIn Groups, my twitter feed and this month a try at “A New Menu View Pinterest”…..The visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas.” Link to Ken’s review.

November Articles:

Connected Building Roadmap, Graham Henderson, BC Hydro

NIST Transactive Energy Challenge, David Holmberg, NIST Engineering Laboratory

Building Automation Global Standard, Dipl.-Ing. Hans R. Kranz VDI, Forst / Baden

“Who is (the future of) BACnet?” Ken Sinclair, AutomatedBuildings

The Best-Kept Industry Secret? Mike Welch, CNS

Of Pitchforks and Haystacks, Therese Sullivan, BuildingContext Ltd

Enhancing Legacy Buildings with IoT, Steve Jones, The S4 Group, Inc

Lighting Control Key Enabler IoT, Allan McHale, Memoori

Data Centers Predictive Analytics, Therese Sullivan, BuildingContext Ltd


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