How Will Java SE 8 End of Life Announcement Effect Your Smart Building Control Strategy?

Thanks to the Team at Lynxspring we know:

Dear Lynxspring Technology and Business Partners

As previously communicated, Oracle announced the pending end-of-life of Java SE 8 (Standard Edition). As a result, as of January 2019, free public updates are no longer available. Customers accessing Niagara with the Java Applet/Web Start are impacted by this change. Those who have upgraded to full HTML5 versions for their browser front-end will not be affected. For customers who use the Java VM and Java Web Start for their legacy systems, Tridium is actively developing a suitable alternative that we are expecting to receive soon and will share with you ASAP.

UPDATE: Starting with the April 2019, scheduled quarterly critical patch update from Oracle, Commercial Users will have access to updates through My Oracle Support for their Java Applet/Web Start. Or users can begin utilizing the Niagara alternative, Niagara Web Launcher, which is currently scheduled to be available in mid-March.

Please review this video to get a better understanding of what to expect.

To assist in understanding the potential impact to your system, please review the FAQ section below.

Warning message displayed when installing a Java Update:


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will my system stop working?
A: No, your application will continue to work as long as you have your Java Run-Time Engine (JRE) installed. However, you will not receive future security updates after the January 2019 update.

Q: Does this affect Niagara Workbench or Probuilder?
A: No, this does not affect Workbench or Probuilder users.

Q: Does this affect my Niagara Supervisor, PC8000 or JENEsys Edge 534?
A: No, Tridium is still providing security updates for these platforms.

Q: Does this affect the web browser I use to access my Niagara system?
A: Yes, this impacts the JRE used in your browser if you are still using Java based views.

Q: Do I need to upgrade my installed version of Java?
A: The planned replacement product will not use the version of Java currently installed on your system. Tridium will provide an up-to-date version for use by our application(s). We do recommend that you consult with your/your customers IT department about updating your locally installed version as changes may impact products from other vendors.

Q: Which version of Java does the Niagara Web Launcher support?
A: Java 8

Q: Will there be a cost for this new application?
A: At this time, there will not be a cost for this new application. This is subject to change.

Q: Which versions are supported?
A: AX 3.8 and forward; Niagara 4.4u1 and forward.

Q: Will I have to make changes to my applications?
A: Yes, you will need to update certain modules to provide end users with an application download and start-up link. More information will be provided once the alternative is available.

Q: How will I get the Niagara Web Launcher?
A: Lynxspring will make the JAR files available once they are ready for release.

Q: Will the JRE for Niagara Supervisor and PC8000s and JENEsys Edge 534’s still be Oracle J2SE?
A: The supervisor and JRE’s will not be changed as a part of releasing the Niagara Web Launcher.

Q: Will there be some impact (specific bugs, performance, memory) in running two different JREs?
A: We do not expect any issues.

For additional information from Oracle, check out the Java SE Support Roadmap and the Oracle Java SE 8 Release Notes.

Thank you for being a Lynxspring partner. We will continue to do everything we can to make these transitions in the natural life cycle of software products like Java engine as seamless and pain-free as possible for you and your customers.



Marc Petock
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Lynxspring, Inc.
Phone: 877-649-5969


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