Need to Get Trained and Certified on Smart Building Control Systems Fast?

Is there a better way to get trained and certified on Smart Building Control Systems… including the Tridium Jace? 

Getting trained is expensive.

 Taking a technician out of the field to get trained is expensive.

What is most expensive is not having enough trained technicians to keep up with the demand for your smart building control projects.

Our industry, like every other tech industry, is struggling to find qualified people.

I like to say, “if you can’t find them, make them.”

That is where an old friend, Phil Zitto, comes into the picture. I caught up with Phil at the 2023 AHR show in Atlanta.

Phil shares how and why he created the Smart Buildings Academy, and how it can take someone off the street and turn them into a building automation controls professional in as little as 11 weeks.

And he does all this remotely. So travel expenses are eliminated.

The courses are on demand, so your employees to work can take them after hours. You might have to pay them extra, but you will not lose their productivity.

One of the other things that make the Smart Buildings Academy unique is that students start with an assessment before any training begins. This makes sure students start at the right training level. This assures that potential smart building controls technicians do not get discouraged and quit because they started at a course level that was not appropriate. 

Has Phil and the team at the Smart Buildings Academy found a better way? Watch my video interview with Phil and let me know your answer in comments.


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