Throw Back Thursday: A Trip down Memory Lane with the Fab Four

Throw Back Thursday: A Trip down Memory Lane with the Fab Four

It is Throwback Thursday, so grab a cup of coffee or tea, shut the door to your office, take a breath and take a break (you deserve it!). Join me as we journey back in time to Liverpool England as we pay a visit to the Fab Four.

Back before Johnson Controls bought them, EASY IO hosted an annual Global Partners meeting. These meeting were always top-notch. Held in great locations, Easy IO spared no expense, exposing their partners from around the world to the best food, entertainment and education. It was the perfect ,mix of work and play.

Easy IO was kind enough to invite Ken Smyers and me to cover these events for the ControlTrends Community. We traveled around the world to great locations like Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, and England.

It was our favorite event to cover, and Ken and I made friends with Smart Building Control professionals from around the world.

On a quick side note, Hi Global friends, we miss you, if you see this please reach out in comments and say hi.

When Ken and I traveled to cover these EASY IO events, we would book an extra day or two and go see and record something we thought would interest the ControlTrends Community. Naturally, when in England we had to make a trip to Liverpool, home of the Fab Four, aka. The Beatles.

The Beatles took the same notes and musical tones that musicians have used throughout history and created fresh, profound music that changed music forever.

Ken Smyers knows a lot about a lot. He is the most knowledgeable person I know, and that is saying something, because I hang out with really smart people. Of course, Ken knows a ton about the Beatles.To be able to see the places in Liverpool that influenced one of the greatest bands of all time, with someone as knowledgeable as Ken is a treat. And now, thanks to throw back Thursday, you can experience it too. Join me as Ken takes us on a video tour of the Beetles Liverpool.

But, the Beatles are not the only Fab Four in this story.

In my eyes, the EASY IO super group that included Mad Mike Marston, HoonChait Lim, Johan Schakenrood, and Gordon Chen mashed up the best of smart building controls and created the legendary “Beast From the East,” which is still available from Johnson Controls distributors, like Stromquist & Company.

Guys thanks for being artists in our industry, and for your contribution.

Any chance the band will get back together for a reunion tour?


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