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Are you looking to up your advertising game?

It is true that when ControlTrends took a hiatus driven by the pandemic, and most of the ControlTrends community did too, but even without making a single post in almost two years, HVAC and Smart Building controls professionals kept coming to the website.

 Our YouTube subscribers actually grew to over 18,000 subscribers. Every week, old episodes of ControlTalk Now get over a thousand downloads. Now that ControlTrends is active again, our audience will be larger than ever!

ControlTrends is Back!

In just the last couple of weeks, I am amazed at how quickly people from around the globe are returning to the site and the show. I am touched and appreciative of all the kind words of encouragement, it lets me know that relaunching the site was the right decision.

As the go-to source for Smart Building Control News, trusted worldwide by HVAC and Building Automation Controls professionals, ControlTrends will always be upping its game.

The ControlTrends website is getting redesigned to improve the look and feel for viewers coming to the site. The new design will offer advertisers on the site maximum exposure for their ads without sacrificing the visitor’s experience. In short, it is going to be way cool.

ControlTrends Is open for business!

ControlTrends Is open for business!


ControlTrends will be offering a suite of services including :

  • High Impact banner adds (when the redesigned website launches)
  • podcast and video production and promotions. (available now)
  • Marketing and copywriting services( available now)
  • sales and marketing coaching and mentorships ( available now)
  • Helping promote and coverage of Events and Trade Shows


And one of our best offers:


Be seen and  heard by the Global ControlTrends Community!

ControlTrends is offering a unique opportunity to reach our audience through 30 second commercials as part of our video cast and podcast series—ControlTalk Now! This will give you great visibility and an easy way to communicate with the global community.

 Your ad has never been easier or more accessible – in just 30 seconds you can get your message out there, whether it’s a product release or special deal. 

We make it simple for you! Plus, targeting the ControlTrends user base gives your business tremendous power –by leveraging the trust that this large and influential group holds in us, you can increase recognition and build relationships with customers all over the world.

 Become a sponsor today. And promote your company with confidence knowing that every single commercial reaches thousands of engaged and knowledgeable customers everyday on ControlTalk Now.

If you are a manufacturer, a consulting engineer, a contractor, or a systems engineer this is a way to be heard along the world.

If you are a reputable company with proven products or services you are eligible to be a sponsor of ControlTalk Now.

As a special introductory offer: 

Sponsor and episode of ControlTalk Now for just $750

Want more? Invest in 10 episodes for $7,000 and save $500

Here is what you need to do next:

  1. Send me an email at
  2. We will schedule a call to discuss your ad
  3. Options to consider: I can read your script, or you can send me a thirty second video or audio commercial that I can run on the show
  4. Need help? Another service I offer is I can help write your copy, and produce a commercia

Buy the ticket.Take the Ride!


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