CEO and President Jim Bland Re-ignites the Spirit of Tridium! DAY 1 at Niagara Summit 2018

Following the dazzling electronic imagery of the Niagara blue spread of connected data through a city landscape on three-screen wide presentation, Tridium’s Jim Bland, CEO and President, took the wand from the cyber maestro of the screen and handed it, figuratively, to the expectant audience of over 1000 global Niagara Community members — challenging them that NOW — is the time to really think outside the box, Disney example provided. The possibility of failure should no longer restrain the efforts to achieve the spectacular possibilities and payoffs of innovation. Borrowing from his own unique experiences with some of the most innovative minds on the planet, Jim shared his insights on how the Niagara team is re-igniting the spirit of innovation that started Tridium — and how the near 700,000 instances of Niagara, already connecting over 75,000,000 devices, is just the tip of the trillion dollar IoT iceberg.

Kevin Smith, Tridium’s CTO (and author of seven books) was next to take the stage, bringing the Niagara Community up-to-speed with Tridium’s mobile-first, people focused strategies and the flexible mechanisms available to scale Niagara from the edge to the cloud. Tridium’s pending release of N4.6, Edge 10.0, and Bulk Deploy will allow the Niagara Community even greater rates of acceleration and opportunities.

Breakouts were well attended and the Smart Buildings 3.0 by Jim Young, Co-founder and CEO of Realcomm, and Master Systems Integrator, The Systems Integrator of Tomorrow, hosted by Scott Cochrane, President and CEO of Cochrane Supply and Engineering, were to standing room only audiences.

Special thanks to Tridium’s Ed Merwin, Director, Vykon Automation Energy Security, for helping us summarize an amazing start to perhaps the best Niagara Summit yet!


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