HVAC Tech Tip: How to Do A Build Out and Not Get Burned

If you are in the HVAC and Mechnical Business you know closing out a Build Out project can sometimes get very confrontational. If something doe not got right on the job there can be lot’s of finger pointing, and these situations can get expensive.

So how can the HVAC Pro avoid these situations?

Meet Brent Burrows from Entek in Atlanta. Brent gives us a simple, effective three step process that will have your HVAC Build Outs go very smoothly.

If you are an HVAC Pro who has a Tech Tip to share, but you don’r want to spend time editing videos, I have an offer for you. How about you record your tip, send it to me, I will do the edits and post it on my YouTube Channel and give you full credit and any of your contact information you would like to share.

Many of our guests and contributors have gotten jobs, just because they were seen on one of our videos. Just last month a Systems Integrator got a huge job doing the controls on five buildings, so sharing your knowledge can be very profitable.

So if you are interested please type” YES” in comments.


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