Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings April, 2017 Theme: In Search of the “Make Me Happy Button” – Claiming our Piece of the Productivity Puzzle

Most of us see that the forces driving much of our industry are changing faces, morphing from the owners’ countenance to the occupier’s smile or frown. The seriousness of these new metrics, criteria, and occupant feedback cannot be underestimated. In this April edition of Automated Buildings, Ken Sinclair, owner and editor, continues his elucidation on this most worthy topic. As Ken states, “Now is the time for us as an industry to stake claims for our pieces of the puzzle that is satisfaction, wellness, productivity in our buildings. My thinking as I started to write this editorial, rapidly evolved to no one person or group can completely solve the productivity puzzle. It is a mosaic of comfort satisfaction and wellness control, that includes temperature, humidity, IAQ, draft, lighting level, lighting color, fenestration control, wellness, social media communication, digital mindfulness, psychology with successful client interaction.”

Ken provides some more tangible insight into the 3/30/300 metric, quoting Paul Oswald Managing Director CBRE|ESI Global Workplace Solutions Global Energy & Sustainability: “Let’s consider this from a building owner’s or manager’s perspective: in a typical building, energy represents a $1 – $9 per square foot cost item. Lease/maintenance and operations represent a $10 – $99 per square foot cost, and people (occupants) represent a $100 – $999 per square foot cost.” Read more!

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