Visit Jackson Control’s new BASS Security Automation Products Booth 418 at Niagara Summit 2018

If you’re attending the Niagara Summit 2018 in New Orleans, stop by the newest and a very exciting booth 418 of Niagara Security & Video Products technology to see what’s new!

The latest in Niagara Enterprise Security & Video offerings to help you once again promote the Intelligent Building solution by extending the framework with a new and improved offering N4 Security & Video products.

Booth 418 is the Brain child of Roger Rebennack who is now a Diamond distributor at Jackson Control. Jackson Control has launched a new division called Building Automated Security Solutions (BASS) to serve the Niagara security systems community. BASS will be a national resource to help each Niagara Distributor & integrator grow there integrated building solutions offerings by providing world class security products and design support.

BASS is now an authorized National Honeywell WEBs N4 & Honeywell Video Security distributor servicing all WEBs automation partners.

In addition, we also have a differentiated security product offering for the Vykon and other Niagara security brands.

BASS of Jackson Control will be focused on promoting the best Threat Level Management security solution in todays security Industry.

We believe each Niagara security integrator could play a major role by deploying our Niagara Enterprise Security Threat Level management in the commercial buildings and schools in our home town’s.

We will be showcasing a new technology that you may have never seen before to help detect Gun Shots of an active shooter. BASS will help you learn, design, estimate and sell Gun Shot detection systems that integrate with Niagara.

Please stop by the BASS Security booth 418 to get engaged in security system integration and let’s not only help make our clients buildings safer, more comfortable and more energy efficient by capitalizing on the power of a Connected Niagara solutions.


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