2015 Haystack Connect Day One — General Session, Opening Comments, and Keynote Speakers

Marc Petock and John Petze hit the stage running and kicked off the 2015 Haystack Connect with a grateful thanks to the Project Haystack Sponsors and its 900 Haystack community members, 245 of which, were present at the General Session. Project Haystack has grown by 45% over the last two years. Special recognition was given to Lynxspring, Contemporary Controls, KMC’s Conquest, J2 Innovations, BASSG, and Plant Pro/Air Masters for their efforts in developing Haystack applications.

David Mantell of Vodaphone, was the first keynote speaker. David reviewed Global M2M Platforms and Vodafone’s Dedicated M2M Managed Services Engine. M2M will play an increasing important role in Energy Data Management by providing greater visibility of operating conditions, automated monitoring, alarm notifications, and remote control. M2M visibility is now critical because customers want “one hand to shake” or “one throat to choke,” and how M2M now links customers directly to the manufacturers for issues and resolutions.

Second Keynote Speaker: Dr. Milan Milenkovic, Principal Engineer in Intel Labs, Santa Clara, CA. Dr. Milan Milenkovic has worked in industry and academia, doing research on distributed computing, operating systems and a variety of emerging technologies. He is currently the principal investigator of the POEM project that explores uses of dynamic personal sensing, by integrating data from all sensors that may surround a user in a given setting or time. Dr. Milan Milenkovic, Intel reviewed the world of existing buildings and the lack of a holistic operation and how computing economics, pervasive connectivity, and Big Data and Analytics are driving aggregation and optimization. Dr. Milenkovic also reviewed Intel’s dive into Haystack and Intel’s work with Daikin McQuay and KMC’s school project, École secondaire publique Gisèle-Lalonde, one of the most IoT ready school in North America.


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