Episode 315 of ControlTalk NOW The Smart Buildings Podcast — Realcomm’s Jim Young Video Interview: Paradigm Shift is Underway in Intelligent Buildings

Episode 315 of ControlTalk NOW The Smart Buildings Podcast features our video interview with Realcomm’s Founder and CEO, Jim Young. As you will soon see, a paradigm shift is underway in Smart Connected Building Space.  ControlTrends looks forward to coverage of two important industry events taking place in the next few days: 2019 Haystack Connect in San Diego, and EasyIO’s 2019 World Conference, in Amsterdam. Young Gun champions, Aaron Gorka and Brent Burrows lead on with Next Generation Innovation Episode 10, and much more News of the Week!

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What do Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Laurent Vernerey have in Common?

Steve and Bill predicted the future of technology before they created it. Laurent seems to be doing the same. I had the pleasure of hearing Laurent Vemerey, the President of Acuity Brands, speak at 2019 Controls-Con held recently at the Detroit MotorCity Casino.  I believe that he has a clear picture of what the  future of smart building controls looks like.  I think we should listen to him. He might be the Smart Buildings Controls’ Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.  I was really impressed. Let me know what you think in comments.

Episode 10:  Next Generation Innovation

Next Generation Innovation HVAC Controls Young Gun StyleI am so excited to be sharing Episode 10 of Next Generation Innovation with you.  The Next Generation Innovation is a podcast and video-cast for the younger HVAC Control Pros.  Aaron introduces his new co-host Brent Burrows.  Brent is Building Automation Specialist at  Entek in Atlanta. Entek is one of the premier systems integrators in Georgia and Brent is a big part of their success. Brent knows his stuff! He works in the field everyday with HVAC and building automation controls and brings this knowledge to the Next Generation Podcast and to ControlTrends with his Tech Tip series. Your hosts Aaron Gorka and Brent Burrows bring a fresh perspective to all things HVAC and Smart Building Controls. In this episode they give you their thoughts on Controls Con. Often Irreverent but never boring… check out Aaron and Brent in Episode 10 of Next Generation Innovation.

John Petze: HAYSTACK 4.0 IS COMING! What it is and Why it Matters…

The understanding of the need for semantic modeling of device and equipment data has matured significantly in the last decade and the requirements and techniques for applying semantic modeling to equipment data are advancing rapidly. As we have learned, semantic modeling is critical for humans to work with and understand the ever-increasing amount of data coming from their systems, but the process of manually applying that semantic model is not scalable. We need our tools to simplify and automate how the semantic model is applied.

ACI’s latest Tech Tips Video: Saving Controller Inputs by Averaging Room or Zone Temperatures

Did you know? Multiple Temperature Sensors can be wired to provide one average output signal. Instead of using separate inputs for two, three or four rooms, average those temperatures and run one signal back to a single input on your BMS controller. There are two methods used to provide an average output from your sensors. The method you use will depend on the type of sensors, resistive or analog, in your application. Watch as ACI’s Tech Support Manager, Matt Buchholz, demonstrates the wiring of both methods.

Optergy New Enterprise v 2.4.5 has been Released!

Optergy Enterprise v 2.4.5 includes some important features and critical security updates (Please do not delay updating your sites!) This new version includes: SSL-Encrypted Web browsing using SSL (Secure Socket Layer or https). Read more about securing Optergy best practices; This feature has been further refined to allow for wildcard SSL certificates (used by large multi-site enterprises), as well as the ability to generate CSR (certificate signing request); CyberSecurity improvements (various)-Optergy working in conjunction with cybersecurity experts Applied Risk ( has enhanced its protection against unwanted intrusion into Optergy software; and much more!

You are Invited to the Launch of A Step IN STEM, Automation Skills, Training, Education and Promotion in STEM

To be held at Georgia Piedmont Technical College, 495 North Indian Creek Drive, Clarkston, GA 30021, Tuesday, May 14, 2019, 6pm – 9pm.  A Step in STEM is a national initiative to build awareness about BAS and STEM career Pathways. Please contact Mpho Bratton,, 678-790-9717,, to register and for more information.

Having Trouble Discovering BACnet Points on Your Trane Voyager System?

Having Trouble Discovering BACnet Points on your Trane Voyager System? Watch this video: In the field with HVAC Control Pro Brent Burrows. A special thanks to HVAC Pro, ControlTrends affiliate, Master Systems Integrator, Young Gun, and all around cool dude, Brent Burrows — as he takes us with him on a service call. The Problem: BACnet points from a Trane Voyager system are unable to be discovered. The Solution: Watch as one of Entek’s finest HVAC and Smartt Building Control Techs, diagnoses and fixes the problem.

We will be live streaming from Haystack, Easy IO and Realcomm, so if you can’t make these Events here is the next best thing.

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