Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings’ May Issue “Humanistic Digital Inclusion”

In his Automated Buildings’ May Issue, entitled “Humanistic Digital Inclusion,” owner and editor, Ken Sinclair explains the term “Digital inclusion,” which is the ability of individuals and groups to access and use information and communication technologies. Accordingly, Ken states: “We need to build digitally inclusive communities for each of our buildings.”

Another excerpt from Ken’s May editorial: “I have been a building automation junkie/zealot/freak for over five decades always trying to trowel the newest technologies on those darn pesky people in our buildings. As an industry, we have always left the touchy/feely part of our buildings to behavioral scientist/psychologists. Our rapid digital transformation of everything has exposed (made transparent) the location, presence, plus the mood and feeling of the occupants (those pesky people) who are our reason for reason.

In addition to the old measured variables of temperature, humidity, IAQ, light, sound, video, etc. we now have the where all to dynamically capture peoples’ anticipations and communicate their touchy/feely input back to our only purpose, making our occupant/client happy. We all need to find ways to use digital transformation transparency to “Look, Listen, Feel and Think before Reacting.” Click here to read more.

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