London Calling: Connecting The World With The Niagara Frame Work

Okay, I have to tell you that I’m experiencing a bit of FOMO right now as I’m missing out on the 2023 Niagara Forum in London while writing this post.

If you’ve ever attended a Niagara Summit, you know they are truly special. The networking, knowledge-sharing, and overall fun are always well worth the journey. And just in case you need a little reminder of the fun part, I’m including a video from a previous summit.

Hopefully, Marc Petock will be kind enough to share some video footage with me, which I can then pass along to you.

So if you are lucky enough to be at the Niagara Forum 2023, you’ll witness the immense power of the Niagara Framework. Designed by Tridium, the Niagara Framework serves as the backbone of connected systems, enabling seamless integration and interoperability. Through plenary sessions and information-packed breakouts, industry experts will shed light on important trends and innovations driven by Niagara.

Real-World Case Studies:

Prepare to be inspired by an array of captivating case studies that showcase the practical applications of Niagara and the IoT. Discover how end-users have successfully implemented Niagara solutions, revolutionizing the way buildings are managed and operated. These real-world examples will provide invaluable insights into the transformative capabilities of the Niagara Framework.

The Confluence of Cloud and Edge:

Cloud and Edge technologies play a vital role in the realm of smart buildings, and at the Niagara Forum 2023, we will explore their convergence. Gain a deeper understanding of how cloud services enhance the capabilities of connected systems, enabling advanced data analytics, remote management, and predictive maintenance. Explore the fascinating possibilities at the intersection of cloud and edge technologies within the context of smart buildings.

Building a Secure Future:

With the proliferation of connected devices, cybersecurity has become an increasingly critical concern. At the Niagara Forum 2023, experts will address the challenges and solutions surrounding cybersecurity in the context of smart buildings. Gain invaluable knowledge about safeguarding your systems and data from potential threats, ensuring a secure and resilient infrastructure.

Niagara’s Roadmap: Charting the Course Ahead:

Discover the future direction of Niagara as the framework continues to evolve. Delve into Niagara’s roadmap, which outlines the exciting enhancements and features planned for the framework. Be at the forefront of innovation and gain insights into the upcoming developments that will shape the future of smart buildings and connected systems.

Deep Dive into New Features and Techniques:

Prepare for a captivating showcase of Niagara’s new features and techniques. Industry experts will provide in-depth demonstrations and discussions, offering a closer look at the cutting-edge advancements within the framework. Explore how these new capabilities can optimize building operations, increase energy efficiency, and enhance occupant comfort.

Networking and Exhibitors:

The Niagara Forum 2023 offers ample opportunities for networking within the vibrant Niagara Community. Engage with industry leaders, technology companies, and fellow attendees to exchange ideas and forge valuable connections. Visit the exhibition area, where leading-edge technologies and solutions will be showcased by exhibitors, providing a firsthand experience of the latest innovations in the field of smart buildings and connected systems.

The Niagara Forum 2023 is an unmissable event that unlocks the future of connected systems.

Those at the show will witness the power of the Niagara Framework, learn from real-world case studies, explore the convergence of cloud and edge technologies, and discover the latest advancements in cybersecurity. Gain insights into Niagara’s roadmap and immerse yourself in a deep dive into new features and techniques. Don’t miss the opportunity to network with industry leaders and experience the cutting-edge technologies showcased by exhibitors. 

To all my friends who are in London at the Forum, have a great show! And Marc, if you read this drop me some video footage I can share with the ControlTrends Community.


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