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I’m a big fan of Lauren Scott and her accomplishments at Distech- Controls and Acuity Brands. I’m particularly impressed by her work in sustainability initiatives.

She will be my guest on an upcoming episode of ControlTalk Now. During my research on Lauren for the show, I discovered that she is also a podcaster!

Among her podcasts, one that stood out for me was The Resilience Report. The Resilience Report focuses on Highlighting the inspiring work of ecopreneurs and lighthouse leaders paving the way in sustainable business.

I highly encourage the ControlTrends Community to subscribe to The Resilience Report by clicking here.

Although I’ve never written a podcast review before, after listening to her episode with Ahmed Elshinnawy, I decided to share my thoughts. So here’s my review…


Review of “The Resilience Report” Podcast Episode with Ahmed Elshinnawy

The Resilience Report” podcast episode featuring Ahmed Elshinnawy offers valuable insights into the intersection of digital marketing, commerce, and sustainability. Host Lauren Scott engages in an informative conversation with Ahmed, who brings his extensive experience in digital advertising consulting to disrupt the corporate world through a sustainability lens. Here are three key takeaways from this enlightening episode:

  1. The Role of Marketing and Commerce in Sustainability: Ahmed emphasizes the significance of using the power of marketing and commerce to drive meaningful progress in sustainability. From brand messaging to the shopping experience, businesses can align their values with sustainability and make a positive impact on the planet.

  2. Data Management and Transparency: One of the challenges faced by companies is effectively managing and aggregating data related to sustainability initiatives. Ahmed highlights the importance of having a source of truth to track and report progress accurately. Transparency becomes vital in gaining consumer trust and demonstrating a genuine commitment to sustainability.

  3. Consumer Influence and Accountability: Consumers, particularly Gen Z, play a pivotal role in shaping businesses’ sustainability efforts. Ahmed discusses the increasing consumer demand for sustainable practices and the need for companies to listen and respond to these expectations. Consumers have the power to hold businesses accountable and drive positive change through their purchasing choices.

Impactful Quote: “The importance of listening to a plurality of opinions.”

This quote resonates as Ahmed emphasizes the value of considering diverse perspectives in addressing sustainability challenges. By fostering open dialogue and inclusivity, businesses can navigate towards resilience and foster positive change.

Overall, this episode of “The Resilience Report” provides valuable insights into the connection between marketing, commerce, and sustainability. Ahmed’s expertise and thoughtful perspective contribute to a thought-provoking conversation that can inspire professionals across industries to incorporate sustainability into their practices.


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