The 6 Billion Dollar Controls Opportunity No One is Talking About

I am writing this letter to the ControlTrends Community on behalf of my friends at Siemens.

I came across this product at Controls-Con. I was blown away by the opportunity for our community in the mid-market building segment.

It is huge,6 billion dollars huge! And Siemens has created a unique product that creates value for the customer and untold opportunities for the contractors who are willing to take a look at this product.

Check out the video and to get a sales kit, including brochures, and testimonials from happy customers, so your sales people can hit the ground running click here………or you can  email Ari,

So here goes…

Dear HVAC Contractors,

If you’re seeking a way to enhance your service offerings, improve client satisfaction, and tap into a fresh avenue for business growth, look no further. The Siemens Climatix RTU Solution is not just an impressive solution for your clients, but also a substantial business opportunity for you.

Implementing the Climatix RTU Solution provides an effective way to optimize the performance of rooftop units, a prevalent, yet underserved segment in the HVAC market. Offering this advanced solution to your clients not only addresses their energy efficiency and indoor air quality concerns but also positions you as a forward-thinking, solutions-oriented contractor in a competitive market.

Furthermore, this is a great opportunity for you to expand your business reach. With this solution in your toolkit, you can approach a wide range of mid-market building owners who might be unaware of the potential for RTU optimization and the benefits it brings. This could open doors to new clients and markets, fueling your business growth.

But don’t just take my word for it. I invite you to experience the Siemens Climatix RTU Solution firsthand. Email Ari,, or and get your free sales kit now, Siemens will even come train your sales people on how to sell the Climatix RTU Solution.

Learn how this innovative solution can not only elevate your service offerings but also help generate new business opportunities.

This is your chance to be at the forefront of a $6 billion opportunity. Don’t wait – get your free sales kit now!

Your pal,


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In the bustling world of building automation controls, there lies a largely untapped $6 billion opportunity, lurking in the shadows of the mid-market segment.

An opportunity that, for the most part, has been glaringly overlooked. Yes, we’re talking about the realm of rooftop units (RTUs), those silent workhorses that account for 60% of all cooling used in buildings across the United States.

But here’s the catch – these RTUs, despite their crucial role, are often left devoid of the advanced control functions that their counterparts in larger buildings enjoy.

 This is where the Siemens Climatix RTU Solution comes into play, a game-changing solution designed to tap into this multi-billion-dollar opportunity and transform the way we approach RTU management.

Are your building’s rooftop units (RTUs) demanding more energy and resources than you would like? Are your energy bills surging month after month due to inefficient rooftop unit performance?

It’s time to rethink your approach and consider a solution that brings both efficiency and control.

Introducing the Siemens Climatix RTU Solution, a solution meticulously designed to optimize the performance of your rooftop units. This isn’t merely a standard control package; it’s a comprehensive system that revolutionizes the way you manage and maintain your RTUs.

The Climatix RTU Solution is engineered to ensure your RTUs are performing at their best consistently, minimizing unexpected system downtime and cutting down costly repairs.

The intuitive control system lets you manage operations seamlessly, from installation to troubleshooting, without the need for expensive and time-consuming programming.

This robust solution comes with an array of features, from improved energy usage  to improved indoor air quality, and enhanced occupant satisfaction are all part of the package, delivering a comprehensive solution that addresses multiple facets of RTU management.

The Climatix RTU Solution also offers remote monitoring capabilities, allowing you to identify and address potential issues promptly, preventing costly repairs and unnecessary system downtime.

The Climatix RTU Solution doesn’t stop at performance optimization. It also facilitates a healthier, more productive indoor environment and ensures compliance with Title 24 energy regulations, all without the need for additional economizer controllers.

The Siemens Climatix RTU Solution is here to change the way you manage your rooftop units, ushering in an era of enhanced efficiency, improved control, and substantial energy savings. Now is the time to embrace this revolution and reap the benefits of optimized RTU performance.

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