Unraveling The Future of HVAC and Smart Building Controls Marketing with Lauren Scott on Controltalk Now

Lauren Scott, the VP of Marketing and Sustainability for the Intelligence Spaces Group, recently joins me on this weeks Episode of Controltalk Now.

You likely recognize Lauren for her outstanding accomplishments at Distech-Controls. Having transitioned to the Intelligent Spaces Group, Lauren currently oversees multiple brands. Alongside Distech-Controls, she now collaborates with Acuity Brands  and Atrius.

Lauren and I cover a lot of ground discussing everything from her journey to the world of HVAC and Smart Building Controls , to her passionate conviction to sustainability, to how to market and sell your brand in these changing times.

So if you want to learn from one of the marketing greats in HVAC and Smart Building Controls read on…

Here are a  few highlights from our conversation:

Lauren on the Intelligence Spaces Group:

“Acuity brands really split into two separate business segments two years ago…the Intelligence Spaces Group, we are a side group that is really looking at making buildings and spaces smarter, safer and greener.”

Lauren’s take on Sustainability in Marketing:

“It’s trying to figure out how can we speak to each group in a way that resonates with them, that is meaningful to them and is not accusatory either… we need people like myself and many others that can speak to both sides so while we might not perfectly fit into either silo we’re able to kind of cross the bridge together.”

Lauren’s thoughts on evolving Marketing Process:

“What problem are you trying to solve… Why are you investing all of this time and money in creating this product or this feature and making sure that that’s being communicated out?”

Lauren on the Changing Marketing Landscape:

“The way we absorb information is very different…we now consume content at a headline level… So we’ve had to get a lot more efficient with the way we talk. And also the way we share that information… but it allows that human connection, even though it’s virtual, you can still create meaningful content that way.”

Three Takeaways from the conversation:

  1. Sustainability is an essential aspect of marketing: Lauren shared how sustainability influences their branding, marketing, and messaging. The interplay of environmental concerns and corporate objectives need a bridging approach for a resonant impact.

  2. The Problem-solving Approach: Lauren emphasized that their marketing approach is rooted in identifying and solving problems, not just selling products. She believes that effective marketing requires a clear understanding of the root problem a product or service is trying to solve.

  3. The Evolving Marketing Landscape: The marketing landscape has changed significantly with the digital revolution. Consumption of content at the headline level, the explosion of video content, and the use of accessible digital tools are now commonplace. Lauren encourages marketers to embrace these changes while also focusing on creating meaningful human connections virtually.

With her unique insights and experiences, Lauren Scott sheds light on the changing face of marketing in today’s fast-paced and digitally connected world. As she rightly said, consistency is key and keeping the long game in mind is sure to make your efforts stand out.

Be sure to check out Laurens podcast by clicking here.

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