Controls-Con DAY 1 — Industry Experts and Thought Leaders Take Center Stage. Cochrane Supply Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Controls-Con DAY 1 began with Scott Cochrane and the Cochrane Supply team welcoming industry experts from all across North America to their dynamic education-based event, and ended with a heart-rending gala celebration of its first 50 years of success. It was very apparent to the 500 plus attendees by night’s end, that Cochrane Supply is well on its way to 50 more years of pace-setting success. Scott Cochrane and Don Cochrane Jr. and the entire team at Cochrane Supply have redefined the role of the controls distributor and taken the leadership position in delivering building automation solutions and achieving customer satisfaction. Of special note, Don Cochrane Jr. received a Leadership Award from Controls Group North America for his outstanding leadership and support. Much more ControlTrends video coverage to follow!

DAY 1 Presentations: Scott Cochrane IIoT, the evolution of our industry moving towards it, and a wake up call. If you don’t change, opportunity will pass you by; Jim Young, Co-Founder & CEO, Realcomm, “IoT in the Macro Environment;” John Sublett, Chief Technology Officer, Tridium “IoT in the Micro Environment; “Scott Collins, Project Director, Bedrock Real Estate Services, “Successful Smart Building Plans;” Jim Bland, President, Tridium, “IoT in the Micro Environment;” Paul Oswald, Managing Director, CBRE|ESI, “Connected Buildings—State of Our Industry;” and Mike Mitchell, Chief Technology Officer, Cochrane Supply & Engineering, RAVEN APP demonstration.


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