ControlTrends’ Ken Smyers Interviews Visionary Dave Lorenzini at 2014 Realcomm/IBcon

At the 2014 Realcomm/IBcon, ControlTrends met up with Dave Lorenzini, a premiere technology visionary and entrepreneur that is changing the way people look at the world. Dave commented on the explosion of intelligent building interaction at a level never seen before; the amazing adoption of technology that has occurred since last year; and the exciting impact technology is having within the building industry. As the former Director of Keyhole, the first global 3D visualization System online that became the Google Earth, and serves over a billion users worldwide, Dave Lorenzini, has seen the structural transformation that innovative products can make and is very excited about the Sanborn Platform for Indoor Mapping (SPIN) and describes the role of the semi-autonomous mobile robotics platform in the next generation of intelligent buildings.

In order to control equipment in a visual and natural way, SPIN technology helps to create an incredibly accurate interior map where, like Google Earth, you fly down from 30,000′ into a city, into a property, actually into a space, and then interact with these new devices to control temperature or an analysis of energy consumption using a highly accurate mapping survey tool that lets you collect the right kind of data to build visual information systems — that will create new precedents of interactive control over a building’s space and its operational and energy efficiencies.

Dave Lorenzini is the Founder of Glassware Foundry and ARc (Augmented Reality Company).


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