Episode 418: How Stacks + Joules is Refuelling the Building Automation Industry

Fueling the Future of Smart Building Controls: A Deep Dive into Stacks + Joules

Welcome to another edition of our popular podcast series, Controltalk Now, where we dive into everything related to HVAC and Smart Building Controls. Today’s episode, the 418th, introduces two special guests – Mike Conway of Stacks + Joules, and Tyler Ng, a successful alumnus of the program. Our conversation touches on a pressing issue in our industry and how Stacks + Joules is stepping in to resolve it.

In case you’re unaware, we’re grappling with an industry-wide concern: an increasing number of HVAC and Smart Building Controls professionals are retiring, leading to a significant talent void. Mike Conway, backed by his resourceful team, is on a mission to tackle this challenge head-on.

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Stacks + Joules: A Saviour in the Making

Stacks + Joules is a nonprofit champion that has emerged as a torchbearer in the dark alley of workforce gaps. It provides comprehensive education in building automation controls, making the profession accessible and affordable for bright, promising individuals. This innovative initiative aims to bridge the technological opportunity gap, facilitating an advantageous niche for students to specialize in.

If you’re wondering about the intriguing name, the answer lies in its unique blend of tech and finance. On their website, the term “Stacks” refers to a combination of software products and programming languages used to develop applications. In a nod to its financial implications, it signifies thousands of dollars, hinting at the high-earning potential that comes with these skills. The counterpart, “Joules,” is a unit of electrical energy, a term fondly used to describe something valuable or cherished. This symbolizes the program’s investment in its students, and the bright future they’re destined for.

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Unique Learning Experience and Practical Curriculum

Stacks + Joules excels in stimulating student engagement through a well-crafted curriculum that focuses on hands-on activities. No, we’re not talking about your usual theoretical humdrum; this is hands-on learning that delivers immediate results! Imagine programming wireless LED banks – fun, right? These real-world tasks instill a deep understanding of computerized building automation systems in the students.

The program finale, the capstone project, is the cherry on top. Students showcase their acquired skills by coding bulbs to sync with music. How cool is that? This hands-on experience equips them with practical skills essential for succeeding in the building automation industry.

The Power of Mentorship and Industry Connections

What sets Stacks + Joules apart from the rest is its focus on support and mentorship. The program creates a symbiotic bridge between academia and industry, offering the best of both worlds. Mike Conway, the founder, brings two decades of expertise to the table. His ability to simplify complex learning is invaluable, guiding students towards well-paying jobs and providing them with the necessary mentorship during their internships.

Furthermore, Stacks + Joules maintains strong collaborations with vocational programs, community colleges, and universities. This allows students to chart future education and training plans, ensuring their growth does not stagnate after the program.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, Stacks + Joules is not just a program; it’s a career catalyst. By combining specialized computer programming education, mentorship, and real-world applications, it gifts students practical knowledge, experience, and a roadmap to lucrative careers. If you’re an aspiring tech enthusiast looking for a foot in the door in the building automation industry, Stacks + Joules might just be your ticket.

To wrap up, we’re witnessing a significant transformation in the HVAC and Smart Building Controls industry. We must foster a culture of learning, networking, and innovation. In this endeavor, initiatives like Stacks + Joules need our financial and moral support. Click here to see how you can support the cause. 

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