The Game-Changing Xeto: Revolutionizing Building Automation Controls with Project Haystack

The world of building automation controls has recently witnessed a revolutionary development that promises to change how we approach HVAC and building management systems. This revolution comes in the form of “Xeto”, the latest version of Project Haystack—an open-source tagging convention launched by the esteemed developer, Brian Frank. Unveiled at the 2023 Haystack Meeting held in Nashville, Tennessee, Xeto is set to redefine the future of building automation controls, as we currently understand it.

Introducing Xeto: A Data Specification Language

To the uninitiated, Xeto might appear as just another technical term. However, this game-changing data specification language holds the key to a universe of possibilities within the realm of building automation controls. The revolutionary software allows users to build Haystack models from specs, perform named graph traversals via queries, validate Haystack models using specifications, share via a community repository of specifications, and establish build/validation duality.

Xeto and Building Specifications

One of the primary features of Xeto is its ability to build specifications as templates. This function allows users to define and share libraries of unitary equipment while also determining point lists and attributes. This level of specification has never been seen before in the field of building automation controls, and it offers a unique way to standardize processes, ensuring more efficiency and reducing overall costs.

Streamlining Queries Xeto goes beyond just building and validating models.

It introduces the ability to perform named graph traversal through queries. This feature makes locating specifications significantly easier, speeding up the process of identifying key data points within the system, and saving time and resources in the process.

Validation for Peace of Mind

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages Xeto offers to building owners is its robust validation process. Xeto can confirm the validation of points, providing peace of mind that everything is as it should be. This is a massive game-changer in an industry where a canonical profile for all equipment is almost never available.

Sharing and Contributing

Made Easy Xeto’s commitment to the ethos of open-source is evident in its community-centric approach. The latest version of Haystack is designed to encourage the sharing of specifications via a community repository. For the first time, contributors can use GitHub—a renowned platform favored by developers—to share their inputs and enrich the protocol further.

The Impact of Xeto on Building Automation Controls

Xeto’s introduction promises a significant transformation within the building automation controls industry. It facilitates a seamless flow of data from HVAC and building automation control systems, allowing it to be easily tagged and normalized for data analytics. These advancements can result in considerable energy and cost savings for building owners.

By harnessing Xeto’s potential, building owners can utilize data-driven insights to manage their properties more efficiently, thereby reducing their environmental footprint and enhancing their profitability. With Xeto, the building automation controls industry is moving into an era where better management and understanding of data are the keys to sustainability and economic success.

The Future with Xeto and Haystack Connect

As Xeto takes Haystack’s capabilities to the next level, its influence is expected to ripple across the industry, driving a wave of innovations in building automation controls. With its ability to streamline and simplify processes, and with an open protocol that invites contributions from across the globe, Xeto is not just a tool, it’s the catalyst for a future where building automation controls are smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable.

A special thanks to Brian Frank for taking the time to speak with me about this exciting new development. A shout out to Sharon Lo and her team for making the Event in Nashville so memorable.

Xeto represents a significant step forward in the evolution of Project Haystack and, by extension, the broader field of building automation controls. It’s more than just a data specification language—it’s a transformative technology that can redefine how we use data to improve building efficiency, save energy, and create better tenant experiences.

If you would like to get involved with Xeto and Project Haystack click here for more information.


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