The VCR Model: How Mr. Beast Can Teach You to Out Market Your Competitor

Leveraging Vision, Capacity, and Reach: How to Dominate HVAC and Building Automation Controls

In the world of entrepreneurship, three essential elements drive successful enterprises: Vision, Capacity, and Reach.

Vision embodies the compelling idea behind your business. Capacity reflects your ability to deliver on your vision, and Reach signifies your ability to connect with a broad audience who know, like, and trust your brand.

One intriguing example of this triumvirate in action comes from an unlikely partnership between a seasoned entrepreneur and a YouTube sensation.

This tale offers invaluable lessons for those in the HVAC and Building Automation Controls industry who want to use these time tested principles to dominate their markets.

Who is Mr. Beast?

To understand the potential of Reach, you must first get to know Mr. Beast, real name Jimmy Donaldson.

A YouTube sensation, Mr. Beast ranks as one of the platform’s top influencers with tens of millions of subscribers.

Known for his grand philanthropic gestures and unique challenges, he has built an impressive reach that spans the globe, commanding the attention of diverse demographics.

To put it into perspective, he recently turned down a 1 Billion Dollar offer to buy his YouTube Channel.

The Beast of Vision and Capacity: Robert Earl and Mr. Beast

Robert Earl, the founder of Planet Hollywood, teamed up with Mr. Beast to address a specific problem resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. With restaurants operating below 50% capacity due to restrictions on indoor dining, there was an opportunity to leverage this excess capacity.

Earl’s vision was the creation of a ghost or virtual kitchen. He realized that most restaurants, regardless of their primary cuisine, possessed similar cooking equipment, enabling them to produce a variety of meals beyond their standard menu.

Thus, in collaboration with Mr. Beast, the Mr. Beast Burger was born. Their venture provided specifications for the burgers to various kitchens around the United States, capitalizing on unused kitchen capacity.

Orders placed online were sent to the closest virtual kitchen and delivered to customers hot and fresh. This system allowed Mr. Beast and Earl to profit from the initiative, while helping kitchens utilize their excess capacity.

Applying the Principles to HVAC and Building Automation Controls

How can HVAC and Building Automation Controls professionals use these principles to dominate their market? Let’s dissect this approach.

  • Vision: The first step involves conceiving a model that caters to an existing market demand or anticipates a future one. Consider, for example, the growing concern of businesses over their brand image in the context of social responsibility. As a solution, you could devise a system that assists businesses in displaying their social commitment by generating reports that comply with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) requirements. Alternatively, could you enhance safety in schools and buildings by providing gunshot detection sensors? Such technology could alert authorities and inform first responders of the shooter’s location through the building automation controls system. The key here is to discern what your customers need, even when they might not know it themselves yet. Innovators like Steve Jobs and Henry Ford rarely asked customers what they wanted. Henry Ford famously stated, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.”
  • Capacity: The subsequent step is to assess your existing capacity. Evaluate whether your team can actualize this vision with the skills, tools, and resources currently at their disposal. If the answer is no, then you should consider utilizing the power of partnerships. For instance, you could capitalize on idle technicians or underutilized equipment from another entity to accomplish more tasks. Explore potential partnerships that can improve your solution.
  • Reach: The final step is to broaden your reach. Associate your brand with a notable figure (I am available for a small fee:) or company that can enhance your visibility. In our sector, this could mean partnering with influential figures like Ken Sinclair at or Jim Young at RealComm. Make your advertising and social media investments meaningful. Dare to step out of the box and consider collaborating with a tech influencer interested in sustainable solutions. The takeaway here is the need for a strategic investment to amplify your reach.

In conclusion, by embracing the principles of Vision, Capacity, and Reach, HVAC and Building Automation Controls professionals can revolutionize their businesses. Like Mr. Beast and Robert Earl, they can turn current market challenges into lucrative opportunities, positioning themselves at the forefront of the industry, while bringing value to their customers and their teams.

These three powerful concepts form the foundation of any successful business strategy, and they can make you the Mr. Beast of the HVAC and Building Automation Controls industry. Let me know it comments your thoughts. Is your company more like Mr. Beast, Robert Earl, or the kitchen that can deliver the goods?


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