Watch the 2015 Real Comm IBcon General Session!

If you didn’t get to 2015 RealComm|IBcon in San Antonio — and you missed out on the incredible 2-day visionary voyage of Real Change – Right Now, this general session video captures, in small part, the enormous importance and depth of the event. Tridium’s Nino DiCosmo and John Sublett, and a host of industry experts spoke, and the dazzling Bran Ferren, a virtual Edison incarnate, delivered an amazing keynote presentation. Bran Ferren intrigued the audience with how innovation and invention will change all of our business futures in Real Estate and Building Automation Controls. As big fans of Realcomm|IBcon, ControlTrends has said many times, this is the one event each year that you simply cannot afford to miss, because it is the annual intersection where Real Estate, innovation, and building automation collide with the excitement of a world’s fair. The good thing is, there is always next year! Fabulous effort and job well done — Jim Young, Howard Berger, and Lisa Woods!


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