Episode 369 ControlTalk NOW with Automated Building’s, Ken Sinclair — July’s editorial insight: “Enlightenment of our Renaissance.”

This week's ControlTalk NOW provides unique foresight into a new and novel frontier, what Ken Sinclair calls the "In-between Space." Our post-COVID buildings require Renaissance-like thinking to create a safer, healthier, and more productive work space.

In his July editorial, Ken Sinclair waxes philosophic:  We must use the positive powers of Reinvention, Rebirth,  and Renaissance to fuel our personal and professional enlightenment as we cope with the realities and responsibilities  that the COVID-19 pandemic has levied upon us.  Ken offers this sage advice, “We are the philosophers of today. Let us all use responsible social media to bring trust and truth to enlightening the world.”

Lauren Scott: After the Great Pause — A Case for Choosing to Move Forward Over Going Back

(Source:  The Suburban Quebec’s Largest English Weekly Newspaper)

“Think back to the last time you joined a new team, department or organization. Now think back to how long it took before hearing the words, “Well, we’ve always done it this way”. My guess would be days, if not hours.

While tried and true experience plays a critical role in society; we somehow found ourselves kicking off a new decade in a monotonous race; all jointly locked onto the same racetrack. There was never a moment to spare, with everyone’s head down (possibly below ground level). We had all become so busy running sprints, that we didn’t even realize that we had engaged in high-speed marathons.

And then, the Great Pause.” Read more!

Lauren Scott leads the global marketing efforts for a business in the building automation and energy management sector. She volunteers her time as President of the Sierra Club Canada Foundation’s Board of Directors. Lauren lives in Ville-Emard in Montreal’s Sud-Ouest borough.

In case you missed it... ControlTrends working the Renaissance angle in Edinburgh!


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