Episode 375 ControlTalk NOW with Siemens’ Jamie Lee and the Talon Channel’s Desigo Optic — The truly open building management solution — Powered by FIN Framework

Great interview with Jamie Lee! Desigo Optic, Powered by FIN Framework, provides a highly-efficient building automation solution with enhanced integration across numerous third-party systems. With Project Haystack semantic data models and tagging features, Desigo Optic offers better workflows for integration, creation of graphics, trend analysis and overall building management. Built for single-discipline buildings and also scalable to grow with the building and property portfolio’s needs.

Jamie Lee is very excited about the speed and ease of use of Siemens’ Desigo Optic. Partnering with J2 Innovations and released in November 2019,  Desigo Optic is making its move in the market. “Information, if it just in the front end, it serves no purpose, it’s just taking up space.  We want to take that information, key on that critical date, define that critical data easily, and allow the end-user to get that inofrmation much faster.”  Jamie Lee, Siemens Product Manager, Desigo Optic.

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