J2 Innovations FIN News – July, 2018 Highlights

Build Dashboards Quickly in FIN Stack. The FIN Stack development team has been working on a solution to creating dashboards in FIN and is excited to announce a solution! The team has pre-designed and put together a variety of easy-to-use charts and gauges, each with their own configuration wizards.

Creating dashboards in FIN Stack has never been easier thanks to a new FIN Stack update. Please contact for more information and to get access to the FIN service pack. Check out the blog for details.

Meet the Growing Team: Jeremy Criquet: We would like to welcome Jeremy Criquet to J2 Innovations. Jeremy is a Senior Software Developer, and is on our new in-house team called the “Glue Team”. The Glue Team is a dedicated group of developers who will “stay sticky” with our OEM partners and help them develop and adopt the FIN framework. Read all about him on the blog.

Where in the World is Gerard? This quarter, Gerard has been in Canada and the U.S. doing FIN Trainings with our FIN Authorized Distributors. In May, he headed to Toronto for a FIN Training class with Yorkland Controls. In June, he was in Timonium, Maryland for an exciting new End User Class with M&M Controls. This new class was actually inspired by our End User Video Series. Learn more on the blog.

Upcoming FIN 4.0 Training Classes
Sept 18-21 in Chino, CA
October 23-26 in Timonium, MD
Register for a Class


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