NexDefense SANS Institute – Fictional Cyber Attack

CAUTION: Regardless of your position in the world, this video should almost ruin your day, and linger long enough to bother you… for at least a week… but, will it motivate you to allocate the resources and processes your organization’s needs to deal with this kind of cyber incident? Therein lies the cyber security rub.

This NexDefense SANS Institute module provides a demonstration of a fictional cyber attack against a control system reliant infrastructure. It is a learning tool for educational purposes and designed to help organizations better understand and develop exercise scenarios. While the module was played during a large industry exercise, it was utilized to provide cybersecurity training awareness for the participants. This training module scenario is not the scenario that was used during the industry exercise.

This video will be available here for a limited amount of time. This module is just one of the many modules available as part of our STH.Engineer security awareness training product line. Find out more about the STH.Engineer training program.


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