Tridium’s Next Big Leap: Is the New JACE 9000 Building Automation Controls System Worth the Investment?

Tridium’s Next Big Leap: Is the New JACE 9000 Building Automation Controls System Worth the Investment?

The buzz in the world of building automation controls is impossible to ignore. With the launch of the Niagara Framework 4.13 and the new JACE 9000 hardware, Tridium is again asserting its leadership in the realm of open protocol automation and control. But, as with all technology advancements, the question on everyone’s mind is – is it worth the price?

To help answer this question, I reached out to the brilliant and engaging Stephen Holicky. In addition to being a wicked guitar player and one of the few people ever disbarred from Mensa for being too smart, Stephen is the director of product management at Tridium.
So he was the perfect person to talk to about the new Jace 9000 and Niagara 4.13 product launch.

Introduction to the JACE 9000 and Niagara 4.13

Building automation professionals and systems integrators have had their eyes set on Tridium for quite some time. Their latest releases, the JACE 9000 hardware and the Niagara Framework 4.13, have brought new energy to the community. At its core, Niagara promotes smart building and IoT success by providing easy, tailored, and secure access to operational data.

Enhanced Features with Niagara 4.13

Not merely a software update, Niagara 4.13 introduces a slew of features spanning categories:

  • Data Interoperability: Streamlined with HTML5 visualizations.
  • Connectivity: Boasting a diverse library of drivers.
  • Cybersecurity: Enhanced measures for secure data access.
  • Deployment Ease: Including HTML5 View Subscription Licensing.
  • Compliance: Ensuring standards are met consistently.

A testament to its adaptability and foresight, Niagara 4.13 even supports standardized methodologies like Haystack and Brick for data tagging and preparation.

Benefits of the JACE 9000 Hardware

While it’s pricier than the JACE 8000, the JACE 9000 justifies every penny. It’s a game-changer with a Quad Core processor, amplified RAM and storage, accelerated start-up, and a more responsive UI. The hardware promotes ease of operation, improved performance, and optimized capacity.

The Value-Add for the Niagara Community

Beyond the tangible features, the Niagara community stands to gain immensely:

  • Enhanced Productivity Tools: Streamlining tasks and boosting efficiency.
  • Ample Data Processing and Storage Resources: Managing vast amounts of data effortlessly.
  • Subscription Licensing: Introduced with the launch of JACE 9000, ensuring ease and clarity for users.
  • Support for Development Partners: Facilitating easy upgrades of application templates.  

Embracing the Future with Containerized Niagara

What’s Next?

In a move that exemplifies their commitment to community and progress, Tridium is planning a summit for the Niagara Community in Anaheim, California, this coming April. The Niagara Summit is the place to share, learn, and drive innovation in building automation controls.

Questions about the new JACE 9000?

Click here and get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the JACE 9000

Conclusion: Weighing the Value Against the Cost

The JACE 9000, paired with Niagara 4.13, delivers unparalleled value. Its enhanced features, commitment to cybersecurity, and focus on easing deployment make it a force in building automation controls. While the initial investment might seem steep, the return on investment, both in terms of efficiency and performance, makes it worth every cent.

In the rapidly evolving world of building automation controls, settling for anything less than the best isn’t an option. With the JACE 9000 and Niagara 4.13, Tridium isn’t just setting the standard—they’re redefining it.

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