Unveiling Innovations: Johnson Controls New Building Automation Controls Products

I caught up with Niels Stauersbol to get an update on some great new products from Johnson Controls. Johnson Controls is releasing new products: including SNC controllers, now with a second ethernet port for isolated networks, a modbus to IP gateway, and a router for BAS systems.

They also have a DLK display with live trending features and the new Jace 9000 f0r the Facility Explorer.

In addition they have added some updates to existing products.

So put your phone on DND, grab a cup of coffee and let’s take a deep dive into the world of Johnson Controls building automation controls.

Exploring Johnson Controls’ New Product Lineup

Discover the future of building management as we take a closer look at Johnson Controls’ new product lineup unveiled at the JCI Customer Conference. From cutting-edge controllers to interactive displays, these innovations upgrade how buildings are controlled and optimized.

SNC Controllers with Isolated Networks: Enhancing Security and Efficiency

One of the conference’s highlights was the introduction of SNC controllers equipped with isolated networks. This innovation enhances security and efficiency by providing a secondary ethernet port for private networks. This benefits of sectors such as healthcare and why it’s becoming a major trend in building automation.

What is the F4-SNC Controller?

The F4-SNC Controller, developed is a best in class device designed to streamline and optimize building management processes. It combines cutting-edge hardware and sophisticated software to provide efficient control and monitoring capabilities for complex automation systems.

Features and Capabilities:

Powerful Processing:

The F4-SNC Controller boasts a high-performance processor, enabling it to handle complex tasks and data-intensive applications easily; ensuring optimal performance and responsiveness, even in demanding industrial environments.

 Versatile Connectivity:

With a wide range of communication interfaces, including Ethernet, USB, and serial ports, the F4-SNC Controller seamlessly integrates with various devices and systems. This versatility allows for easy integration into existing automation infrastructures.


The F4-SNC Controller offers scalability, enabling users to adapt and expand their automation systems as needed. The controller supports multiple expansion modules, allowing for the addition of input/output (I/O) modules, analog modules, or communication modules, depending on specific requirements.

 Advanced Programming:

 Equipped with advanced programming capabilities, the F4-SNC Controller supports various programming languages, including IEC 61131-3 compliant languages such as ladder diagram (LD), function block diagram (FBD), structured text (ST), and more. This flexibility empowers users to develop customized automation solutions tailored to their specific needs.

 Robust Security:

The F4-SNC Controller prioritizes the security of industrial automation systems. It incorporates robust security features, including secure communication protocols, access control mechanisms, and data encryption, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of critical information.

Easy to Installation

Click here and get the SNC Controller installation guide.

The Modbus to IP Gateway: Bridging the Gap in Building Systems

Neil also showed us how the Modbus to IP Gateway makes it easy to revolutionizes create seamless communication between different protocols. This gateway simplifies connecting diverse building components for a more unified and efficient system.

Next-Generation Displays: Interactive Tools for Enhanced Control

Next up we explore the world of interactive displays that offer a beautiful interface into building control systems. Johnson Controls’ new displays were the “eye candy” of the conference. Attractive and smart they provide real-time insights and trend information  enabling building operators a quick way to make informed decisions for optimal building performance.

 A Glimpse Into Jace 9000

Johnson Controls is primed to take advantage of the new Jace 9000. Neil gives us a sneak peek into how Johnson Controls is taking leveraging the Jace 9000’s additional horsepower to turbo charge their already powerful building automation controls offering.

With the Jace 9000’s advanced features, upgraded processor, and wireless capabilities; Neil discusses how this product seamlessly integrates with existing software and hardware, making it a exciting  addition to the building management landscape.

Thanks to Neil fro his gracious tour of some of the new products at Johnson Controls.

But…That’s not all folks! This is just one of several videos I shot at the Johnson Controls customer conference, so stay tuned to ControlTrends for more building automation control news from Johnson Controls.


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