Episode 426: Joe Chandler on ABB Building Automation Controls


In this must-listen episode of ControlTalk Now, we sit down with Joe Chandler, an industry expert from Broudy Precision, to dive deep into the cutting-edge world of building automation control systems powered by ABB.

Whether you’re a building owner, contractor, or someone intrigued by smart buildings, this episode offers a wealth of insights.

🔹 Key Topics Covered:

ABB’s Revolution in Building Automation:

Joe Chandler unpacks the high-performance capabilities and unique features of ABB’s controllers and wall sensors, explaining how why they are so popular with many of his customers.

The Benefits of Retrofitting:

Learn why retrofitting isn’t just about cost-savings. We discuss the impact on indoor air quality and how retrofitting makes buildings more appealing to tenants by offering a safer, cleaner environment, and what we perceive as the upcoming retrofit boom.

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The Power of Distribution:

Discover how working through two step distribution creates a myriad of options in building automation controls for both manufacturers and contractors. two step  distribution allows for greater flexibility in meeting project-specific needs.

Customer Support and Brand Differentiation:

In an industry where trust and support are paramount, find out why ABB’s attention to detail has made them a preferred choice for many and how their brand and product differentiation fills gaps in the market.

Innovative Solutions and Partnerships:

ABB isn’t just leading; they’re innovating. We explore their universal I/O capabilities, upcoming fire smoke features, and their partnerships in the AI space, particularly with Brain Box.

👉 Tune in now to reshape how you think about building automation!

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