Project Haystack Connections Magazine Fall 2018 Call for Contributions

Project Haystack is excited to announce that the next issue of Connections Magazine is in development and will be published in early January 2019. The Connections Magazine reports the news from the Project Haystack community from around the world and provides updates on the development of working groups, new tagging models, reference implementations, complimentary applications, and use case stories from the community working together to make device data easier to use across applications of all types.

Promoted via a variety of digital media outlets, the Connections Magazine is now subscribed to by over 8,000 known readers. Here is your opportunity to reach them with your knowledge and expertise about the use cases and implementation of the Project Haystack methodology.

Project Haystack Connections Magazine Ads The Project Haystack Connections Magazine is a valuable resource for people and businesses interested in Project Haystack including the supporting hardware, software and services that are making data more valuable.

Thanks to the Haystack community contributions, the Spring 2018 issue of Connections is over 45 pages of articles, insight, product features, updates on Project Haystack Working Groups, and lots of re-tweets. You can download the Spring 2018 issue of Haystack Connections Magazine by clicking here.

We hope the Haystack community from around the world will take this opportunity to contribute an article, a use case, or news item to be included in the Fall 2018 Connections Magazine.

Please send a brief description of the content you want to propose to Robin Bestel at

Thank you again for your continued support!

Best Regards,

Robin Bestel
Editor, Connections Magazine
Project Haystack
+1 610-428-5845

John Petze
Executive Director
Project Haystack

Marc Petock
Executive Secretary
Project Haystack

Project Haystack Founding Members
ConserveIt, Intel(R), J2 Innovations, Legrand, Lynxspring, Siemens, and SkyFoundry

Project Haystack Associate Members
AccuTemp, Altura Associates, ARUP, BAS Services & Graphics, LLC, Bueno Systems, Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA), Connexx Energy, Intellastar, Intelligent Buildings, IoTWarez, KMC Controls, KNX, Kodaro, SensorFact, Tridium, VRT Systems, and Yorkland Controls


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