Bridging the Sustainability Gap: My Visit to Johnson Controls

On a recent trip to Milwaukee, WI, I had the opportunity to delve deep into the world of building automation controls, a field that’s rapidly shaping our sustainable future. I visited Johnson Controls, met with Rick Van Buren, and interviewed several graduates from the Accelerated Controls Excellence (ACE) Sales Engineer Development Program. What I discovered was eye-opening.

 My Deep Dive into the ACE Program

 A Two-Year Journey of Learning

It’s not just another training program. The ACE initiative, spanning two years, exposes participants to the nuances of inside sales in building automation controls. While As you will hear in my video interview, participants ar e not just taught to sell; they are trained to understand customer needs, offer technical assistance, and ensure the right product reaches the right hands.

 From Milwaukee to All Corners of the US

Another impressive aspect was the promise of mobility. Once they complete their journey with the ACE program, graduates are equipped to serve in cities across the country, utilizing their expertise to enhance building performance nationwide.

 Building Automation: The Future of Sustainability

 More Than Just Buildings

Buildings, when efficient, consume less energy and reduce emissions, making them crucial in our fight against climate change. With Johnson Controls operating in over 150 countries, their influence in optimizing building performance can’t be understated. But it’s about more than just numbers; it’s about a sustainable vision for our future.

Conversation with Rick Van Buren

ACE is the brain child of rick Van Burn. With the good ahead from our old friend Chris Eichmann, Rick put together the ACE program.

My video interview with Rick and his team was illuminating. the passion of the participants is evident, “Building automation isn’t merely a business avenue; it’s about steering our planet towards a sustainable trajectory. We need more skilled individuals in this domain, and programs like ACE play a pivotal role.”

 My Takeaways and an Invitation

While the ACE program has its criteria, like a bachelor’s degree (preferably in Engineering), proficiency in MS Office, and being Milwaukee-based, it’s the passion for a sustainable future that truly matters. For those curious about building automation controls, previous internships in HVAC/controls/fire suppression can provide an added layer of understanding.

Concluding Thoughts

Visiting Johnson Controls and interacting with Rick and the ACE graduates provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the significant strides being made in building automation for a greener future. The dedication and knowledge these individuals bring to the table are commendable. My journey, documented in the accompanying video interview, reiterates the importance of nurturing and investing in this field. It’s more than just buildings and sales; it’s about charting a sustainable course for our planet. Join me in understanding and appreciating the unsung heroes and innovations in building automation.



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