Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings’ October, 2018 Issue, Features a uniquely “Edge-You-Cation” Editorial

Ken Sinclair’s October edition of, is nothing short of punderful. Ken’s deliberate play on words delivers yet another deep deliberation on humanized interactions, integrated and deployed with the hatching technologies — and how they are soon to reside within the smart and holistic building space, with its occupants and AI-enabled edge devices.

Excerpt from Ken’s editorial: “Edge-You-Cation” – Learning about our journey to the Edge. I am always playing with words when I can not find the words to express myself, I create my own. Here is another one: Edge-ification, the process of moving intelligence and control to the Edge. Why am I so Edgy? In my mind our journey to the edge is a big thing. There is a joke in our industry that we are always moving toward or away from centralization. We are definitely moving away from centralized clouded thinking and moving our thoughts to humanized mindful interacting edge devices. With intelligent self-learning edge devices and the use of Artificial Intelligence “AI” moving to the edge, the future cloud will more resemble the library containing our tools to build our self-sufficient edge devices and be the information banks for these bot like devices.

October Articles:

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