Connect-Air Wire and Cable: 2013 ControlTrends Award Sponsor Highlight

Connect-AirTwisted pair cables were invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1881, and ever since — cables and wires have become the ARTERIAL systems of every building and certainly the critical life-lines of every Building Management and Integrated System.

In 1978, Connect-Air International, with an experienced staff and vast resources, emerged as an industry leader in supplying electronic cable, cable assemblies, and solutions. Connect-Air’s extensive knowledge grew early with the industry and they are uniquely poised to provide you with superior technical assistance with your most challenging interconnection applications.

Considering that a typical building structure may have a life cycle of 60 years or more, while a data system life cycle is around 3-4 years; digital voice and video systems with life cycles of 5-7 years; and Building Management Systems ranging 7-14 years (often guaranteed only with specific cable types) you can find yourself working with control cabinets and panels full of incompatible spaghetti, costing you fits and big money!

Electricity travels at approximately 299,330 km per second (180,000 miles per second)! Mistakes and oversights travel almost as fast! Let Connect-Air guide you through your most difficult interconnection needs, especially when you are dealing with capacitance, resistance, attenuation, near-end cross talk, and proprietary bus issues.

With eight strategically-located warehouses and a network of distribution partners, throughout North America, Connect-Air has incomparable industry experience and logistical leverage. Connect-Air is able to provide you all of your cable and wire needs — when you need them, at competitive prices!

ControlTrends Awards thanks Connect-Air for being a 2013 Sponsor! Connect with Connect-Air today!


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