Episode 297: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings Videocast and PodCast for Week Ending Dec 30, 2018

Episode 297: ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings Videocast and PodCast for week ending Dec 30, 2018 brings us to the brink of another New Year. Join ControlTalk NOW and our special guest, Marc Petock, as we engage in a comprehensive review of 2018, and then take a slightly serious and perceptive look at what 2019 is likely to bring — and which TRENDS will emerge. Don’t miss the “Very Special Conversation Video with John Sublett.” Cochrane Controls’ Controls-Con 2019 — early bird deadline is approaching; LOYTEC Introduces their LIOB-585 I/O Controller; Aaron Gorka’s Next Generation Innovation, Episode 004, Future Proof Your Business; and a Holiday IoT Cyber Security Heads up from the National Cyber Awareness System.

ControlTalk NOW guest Marc Petock, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Lynxspring, Inc. reviews many of the trends that made the biggest impact in 2018, which Marc considers to be — a “Year of Significant Advancement.” Marc also shares critical insight into what we can expect in 2019: the greater adoption of edge devices, IP Controllers, and application metrics like the 3/30/300 metric, will continue to drive more measurable and successful business outcomes.

Happy New Year 2019 from ControlTrends! We wish our ControlTrends Community the best of health and happiness during this holiday season — and a successful New Year. Thank you for making our world relevant, as we look forward to the ControlTrends Awards in Atlanta, January 13th. Please VOTE today! Voting ends December 31st, 2018. We look forward to another challenging year of keeping up with the TRENDS and highlighting the great people, products, and solutions of our industry.

A Very Special Conversation with John Sublett. I had a chance to interview one of the greats in Smart building controls. Listen as I chat with the former CTO of Tridium, John Sublett. John shares stories of the early days at Tridium, as well as, how he got into the smart building controls industry, and words of wisdom he acquired along the way. I hope you enjoy this episode of ControlTrends People, which was recorded shortly before John left Tridium.

Controls-Con 2019 — May 2-3, 2019 at the MotorCity Casino Hotel in Detroit, Michigan. Early Bird Registration Ends 1/1/2019. The time has come. Registration for Controls-Con 2019 is officially LIVE and the best time to register is now! Controls-Con is a bi-annual conference proudly presented by Cochrane Supply & Engineering that explores the latest technologies and possibilities of Building Controls, Building Automation and the Internet of Things (IoT).

LOYTEC Building Management and Control Solutions — Introducing the LIOB-585 I/O Controller. LOYTEC LIOB‑585 I/‌O Controllers are IP-enabled, compact, programmable automation stations for LonMark Systems and BACnet/‌IP networks with physical inputs and outputs and integrated graphical visualization. 6 UI, 2 AO, 5 DO (5 x Triac 0.5 A), 1 Pressure Sensor.

Episode _004 Next Generation Innovation: Future Proof Your Business. In this episode of Next Generation Innovation, your host Aaron Gorka, from Ant Technologies, shares a talk he gave at the 2018 Honeywell Momentum smart buildings conference. The topic was How to Future-Proof Your Business. Listen to get great insights from the Young Gun perspective. As the business climate in HVAC and Smart Building Controls get’s even more competitive, this is a very timely talk. Great work Aaron.

IoT Cyber Security Heads up from the National Cyber Awareness System: Securing New Devices. During the holidays, internet-connected devices also known as Internet of Things (IoT) are often popular gifts—such as smart TVs, watches, toys, phones, and tablets. This technology provides a level of convenience to our lives, but it requires that we share more information than ever. The security of this information, and the security of these devices, is not always guaranteed.


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